New Bathroom Pass for FOP

Just saw this. You can now leave the FOP line to go to the bathroom. Then reenter through the fast pass entrance where you will wait to meet up with your party.

So what if you are a party of just 1 and want to go to the bathroom. You will not need to wait in the holding pin for your party since there is no one else.


Good point. Maybe you adopt the party in front as your 'loo family '.

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Someone could claim the next party in line is my loo family. I am interested to how this works and if the system is abused.

This is funny cause my niece was in the collage program last year and she told me the number one reason for delays on FOP is “accidents” that happen during the ride. :grimacing:



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So the5 hold it for the 4 hour long ride and once on the ride they could not hild it any longer. I have never done this ride without a fastpass. But from what I read about the queue, it seems like they could have put a bathroom in there. Sames goes for the new star wars rides.


yea. read the article this morning. …has to be a trial for SWGE. who could stand in a 4 hour line with no potty break. Every day i think i should cancel my October trip and every day i talk myself out of it


The only thing keeping me from cancelling my last weekend in September trip is I already bought my plane tickets and it would cost me more to cancel them than I paid for them.

At this point my only hope is American rearranging the schedule to the point I can cancel (or if I had held off confirming the change when they did it before).

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i really think September peeps will be okay…i know its easy for me to say

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Without (I hope) getting into the TMI range, I heard on a media advance podcast that the SWGE standby lines do have bathroom options



How many CMs do you walk by in a 4 hour FOP standby line? Or would you be exiting the line and getting the pass from the entrance CM?

So, if you know you’re not anywhere near the FP merge, why not say you have to go and then hit up Navi and a drink before re-entering the FP line?

Looking forward to hearing experiences from those who use the bathroom pass.

Finally. They should have done this a long time ago. And it should also be standard practice across the parks. After all, they ARE catering to families with small children and claim to be the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Although I would like to hear more about how they plan on handling this for a party of 1 as someone mentioned above.


if it can be, it will be :rofl:

So if the line is 4 hours and you have a large party. You could each take turns going and doing something else, then come back and 1 to 1.5 hours and give someone else in the party a turn to go do something else. And for a single rider, “Oh I was behind them that are next in line”. This bathroom pass could just turn the fastpass line into a single rider line.

I’m sure they will have some way to monitor and if it starts getting abused, they’ll find a way to close the loophole.

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