New at Magic Kingdom this Week!

I’m going to be at MK this Sunday!! Any Liners at the MK now?? What’s new and exciting that I haven’t heard of? GIve me the scoop!!

Look for @niter - he’s almost always there on Sundays and very hard to miss. When was your last trip?

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This is my 1st Trip… I’m 1st trip Dad… for 4 more days…then I’m changing my name…


I think you’ve been in the old chat room enough to have picked up on most of the “new” stuff. is where I go to get the lastes news on what’s going on at WSW.

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This is VERY EXCITING! You are just going to have fun - there is honestly nothing that you can do wrong (except waste a ton of time in line) on a first trip. My latest favorite is chocolate covered strawberries at the Main Street Confectionery.

Seriously!!! You must be ready to just explode with excitement - how fun!!!

yeah, I kinda am just trying to stay busy, and I have read volumes of info, but at this point all I have left is to pack, so I thought I would start an interesting topic that may have something pop up last minute… not unlike the Summer Frozen stuff… when I get back I will post anything new, cool, or exciting for the next guys…

We always look forward to trip reports. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you have studied up enough to know about MK. But just remember it’s about watching the kids have fun so sometimes toss the plans out the window, grab a treat and just stroll around and enjoy.
Advice I need for myself as well. I’m always go go go but I realize my family just needs to sit back and soak up the awesomeness that is MK. I love the details in MK.

@1st_trip_Dad I know it’s entirely inappropriate but I think you should make your misting fan your avatar. That’s funny stuff and would really be something NEW in MK!


They are revamping the standby line for A&E…so if you wanted to wait in line for 300 minutes…no dice

I really hope that is true and something they do with A&E. It would help a lot of people out.

1st trips are incredible! Have a great time.

Unfortunately, last night the folks trying to get FFP’s for A&E couldn’t… not sure if these 2 things are related. Very bummed for those Liners that waited there at midnight and were dissappointed. :frowning:

I know. My good friend wasn’t able to get one for her upcoming trip. Hope the new system works great and disney decides to keep it.