New AP holder & FL resident room discounts for Holiday season

But only for the two weeks before Christmas

It’s been a while since any room discounts have been announced, maybe we will start seeing more coming soon.

The week before Christmas is one of the possible re-schedule dates for my neverending rescheduled trip, maybe with room discount it might work.


Annnd I just got a pin code.
That I totally have no use for. :rage:

Aw crap, don’t tell me about the Pin Code emails, I hate the Pin Code emails!

Now I’m gonna go look at my emails and get disappointed.

If it makes you feel better it’s less than the AP discount. Only 20%.
They only send me pin codes when i already have a trip about to happen or just returned.

Well that’s pretty useless - aren’t most of those dates blocked for sorcerer or below…

Yup. But even if you have incredi-pass abilities, most of it is already sold out. French Quarter has nothing, Pop Has nothing. Contemporary has nothing, poly has nothing…etc…

Seems to be a few All-Star ones though

If I wasn’t blocked I love the All stars…

I know it’s silly but we prefer the heavily over themed resorts…Count me in the group that is not fond of the new homogenized DVCs and deluxes.

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no no no no no no no… that’s EXACTLY how it should be for DISNEY WORLD. The hotels should be insanely themed. In fact, I’d argue they should all be on the level of the Star Wars hotel (just without the role playing aspect of it).


We have avoided staying at BLT just for that reason.

As a family we agreed the lobby reminds us of an upscale dentist office…

And we are one of the families anxiously trying to figure out how to make Star Wars hotel happen…2023 trip will either be Marvel DLP or Star Wars.

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I got a pin code today too! Only for the two weeks before Christmas for 20%, which I am absolutely not going to use. But I was in there the other day plugging in dates in January so I’m guessing that’s why I got it. I’m dreaming of DH taking me on an epic birthday weekend, but that will not happen. I can dream though!

I both love/hate the pin codes. Because I am not a spur of the moment travel gal. But I do like feeling special enough to get one. LOL