New AP holder, curious about room discounts

I am a first-time AP holder. I was trying to see if there were any discounts for APs over thanksgiving week. From the webpage I found, it does not appear that there are (at least not yet). Does anyone know the best way to check into this? And also, are there ever discounts over holiday weeks like that?

I always go into MDE from a computer/browser, and then from the drop down menu go to passholders and resort offers. Is that where you looked? It will show you every current offer for passholders and all other guests. I do not think general discounts have been released for most of November. You never know what will be available but generally the offer is open for almost the whole booking window. You can book a room and then switch it to the AP rate later if it becomes available.

AP is out through Nov 5, I would be very surprised to see any kind of offer for Thanksgiving week.

Thanks for the info. I was just trying to decide what to do with my thanksgiving reservation (I’ve got a package booked but since I upgraded to APs on on July trip I no longer need the tickets). Now I don’t know Whether I should modify through Disney or see if MVT still has any availability on the quote they gave me.

I would get the best deal possible right now and then trade it for any discounts that come out. A good TA will do that automatically for you.

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