New AK TP FPP choices

Myself, DH, DS10, DS7 will be visiting AK on 10/26/2014 as part of a 2 week holiday to WDW and UO.
I am struggling with my AK TP as it keeps putting Kali as my first stop of the day which we don’t want; and then not showing much need for fast passes except for the shows.
Should I pre-book fast passes just because I can or save the 3 to use later in the day at another park potentially.
We won’t do Kilimanjaro safaris or both theatre shows so that saves quite a bit of time.
Your thoughts/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Are you planning on getting there right at RD? What will be your second park?

Personally I don’t think Kali is worth more than 5 min wait, so we always skip if we don’t have FP. My girls (8 & 11) like to repeat ride Everest & Dinosaur multiple times (last visit they did Everest x8 and Dino x5). We did both without FP by hitting Everest 1st at RD and Dino about 1hr before park closed. They did use single rider though on Everest after the 3rd ride. I suggest ordering your plan how you like then use “evaluate” to get the order you prefer, then decide if you think the wait times are too long for your family.

@PrincipalTinker Yes, we will definitely be at RD! We will play the second park by ear - book on the day if we save FPP for that. @txketch Thanks for that idea - I think that will work!

I have been going to AK in the morning. I ride EE multiple times. If I am going to MK or HS I save my FPP for those parks. If not, I will ride EE until the line goes over 20 minutes and then I visit a few attractions on my way out. If I am not going to a second park I will then move onto my FPPs.