New AK Security?

Can someone verify? I watched part of a YouTube video where a lady was showing getting through the new AK Security. Well, she didn’t actually show it. She showed approaching it, but then skipped to afterwards, and mentioned how great it was because you didn’t have to do a bag check or anything…you just walked through with no delays.

This sounds like it is using the new technology that was being tested at Disney Springs a few weeks back. Anyone else see this and is able to confirm?

I think this is what you are looking for.

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Yes, I believe they are / were trialling it at AK.

At MK it was the normal kind of bag search except that you had to empty everything out and then put it all back again. And if you got pulled for the metal detector you had to take out anything that could set it off and put it in a tray first.

It’ll be interesting if they continue the trials come tomorrow with the AP previews.,

The DFB addressed the new system. I’m already thinking about using the clear purse I bought just for this purpose:

The security bag check prior to entering the parks has gotten a new, low-contact makeover . Now, guests place all electronics into plastic carriers, then walk through the new security system WITH their personal bag instead of having it searched by a security guard.

If your bag still sets off the alarm, it’s time to dump it all out into a security bin in hopes of finding the offending article (for our reporter, it was a fuel rod that set off the alarm).

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That’s for MK, which is still doing the older model of security. The AK security sounds like the new type that doesn’t require you to do any kind of bag check at all.

Although, I did see that at MK they are offering these clear plastic bags to make it more contactless, which is nice.

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It’s amusing how the article refers to “a long overdue move” and says they’re “moving into the 21st century”, as if these systems have been in place forever elsewhere, or they even really had regular bag checks before the 21st century!

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Must have been a typo. They meant, “…moving into the ‘21st and a fifth’ century!” I’m sure.

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