Never done a dinner/show? Which to choose?

Hi all. I am dreaming about our trip again next summer. Today’s thoughts are: should I do a dinner/show with family? We usually do not do DP but we do eat one TS per day. It will be DH (who isn’t super Disney but does like theater and improve), DS17 (major carnivore) and DD13 (eats like a bird). Both enjoy a good laugh and love Disney so nothing is off limits, and myself, of course. All thoughts appreciated.

We absolutely LOVED Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue! My kids were 13, 7, and 5 and they all enjoyed it. We booked it again for November for my DD’s birthday at her request. We enjoyed the food and the unlimited beer/sangria! :thumbsup:

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Love the Hoop! It gets great reviews across the board, as opposed to the luau. We had a great time at HDDR, DH was even pulled on stage to participate. Will be doing it again soon!

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Another vote for HDDR here. We went for the first time this past summer and had a blast - the whole family (age 43 down to 5). We loved the food and the show.

Gotta chime in again on HDDR. We went for the first time in August with my in laws, who are major Disney skeptics (had sworn never to go back after some less than great experiences when my DH was a kid). We had the best time, it was a real highlight of the trip for all of us. My DD6 and DS9 were in absolute hysterics at some of the jokes, the acting was great, and I especially loved the fried chicken and beer. It was the best fried chicken I think that I have ever had.

Thanks all. It’s funny but after I posted the question I thought… no way we’ll do a show but I will run HDDR past them and see what they think. Thanks for your thoughts.