Nervous About Pop Stay

Starting to get a little nervous about my upcoming stay at Pop Century. I’ve stayed here a few times without issues (except for very slow buses), but have been reading some pretty bad reviews just now on Trip Advisor. I really want to stay at POFQ, but it doesn’t sound like it’s opening this year. As I don’t need a suite, and it looks like the standard rooms are quite a distance away from everything at AoA, that’s not going to work for me. Not sure I could justify another $1500 more to stay at CBR, which is a bit too spread out for my taste. Should I change my reservation to the Movies or am I being too nervous?

Most ppl are happy w/ Pop. I thought the rooms were a little to tight due to the queen size bed updates. But the beds/mattresses are great. and you can get a standard view room closer to Skyliner

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I think you are being nervous. Pop is still fine. You’ll have access to the Skyliner which is a big bonus versus the All-Star resorts. These days the All-Stars are only just about $30 - $40 less per night, so I would prefer Pop since the cost isn’t much different.


We stayed in Pop in August. I was fine enough. Matresses were great. Skyliner, however, was horribly overrated. It took far longer to use Skyliner during busy times, and a lot of the time it was shut down due to wind or lightning in the area. Two or three of the mornings we were there, Skyliner had a “delayed opening”, and we woke to a message on our voice mail telling us the Skyliner wouldn’t be available until later. Of course, when it was running Skyliner was nice, so it is kind of a hit or miss thing.

In hindsight, I don’t really see the Skyliner as an advantage, and perhaps is a disadvantage. I felt the buses were a far more reliable mode of transportation. As such, I’d probably be just as inclined to stay at All Star Movies over Pop in the future if I was looking for a budget stay.

Our room, itself, was not terribly far from the Skyliner nor the main building (we were overlooking the Hippie Dippy pool). But some of the rooms can be considerably further out).

Having said that, it isn’t like staying at Pop Century was bad, either. It was cute, and during non-busy times, having the Skyliner was a relaxing way to get to/from the parks.


I hear ya, we’ll be there next week for the second half of our trip and have been hearing about crowds and bus issues. I’m dealing with by trying to manage expectations, wake up early, prepared to be flexible and patient. Not planning any meals at the food court, maybe just a snack here or there. In my view there are always people that will complain. Complaining about cold water is one thing, but complaining about the size of the room is another. It’ll be my first stay at POP and am still looking forward to it. Hope it turns out great for you!

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Thank you everyone for your input! I’ve been in the rehabbed rooms & liked the new look (especially the new floors & no more carpet). As it’s just me, the murphy bed never came out of the wall after the initial photos of the room, and it was nice having that table & chair to work from (when I had to). I never ate in the food court, but did partake in a few frosty Pina CoLAVA’s. The only downside I experienced was the buses running very slow for the value resorts (took Uber or Lyft a few times just to avoid the hassle, especially coming back from Disney Springs), which I factored into my budget anyway.

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