Nervous about dated rooms in Portofino Bay

We are staying in a garden view room in Portofino Bay in a couple of weeks’ time. There are 5 of us. We’ve never stayed in this hotel before. I am nervous because I keep hearing that some of the standard rooms are run down now in Portofino and in need of renovation, particularly in the East Wing? I just don’t want to get there and then be unhappy! Should we request a room in a particular area to avoid this issue or am I worrying about nothing?

They’ll probably accommodate your room request if it’s available. I wanted to be near my mom even though I had club level and they let me have a regular room but still have club level access. (i actually put my mom in my room too for the club level access too but she wanted her own bed). I thought the room was nice. The bathroom is so big they really should have a better bathtub shower separately. They have the room for it.

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