Nemo to Lion King

Is it at all reasonable to think we can make it from the 2:00 Nemo show at AK to the 3:00 Lion King show in March?
I know they are on opposite sides of the park and that is not much time at all between to make it.

I don’t think you’ll make it. Nemo is 40 min. Could you do it in reverse? Lion King is only 30 min long.

I wish, I don’t understand why there is no 3:00 show for Nemo, that would solve everything :frowning:

It’s their evil way of controlling the crowds. It forces you to decide between the 2 and break up your day the way they want you to. I know, I sound paranoid.

I had an interesting conversation on our recent trip. Basically, Disney doesn’t anticipate guests going to/on more than 8 attractions per day. Without going totally commando, it actually is hard to do more than that with the show times and park layouts.

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Just skip Nemo!!

::ducks for cover::


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Not happening!

I was told to skip it too. We stumbled across the last show of the day. Both DH and DD thoroughly enjoyed it. I was kinda bored. To each their own. They liked it so much that I considered it a WIN. :slight_smile:

@disney1974 this is not paranoid at all!! LOL


Could you spread them out more eg do a 10 or 11 am Lion King at 2 pm Nemo? We did Lion King at 11 am and Nemo at 1 pm and we found that too close together. It was the last day of our trip, we were exhausted and DH and I were both fighting nodding off during Nemo which I think we would have enjoyed otherwise.

I agree…there is no way you will make it. The crowds outside of the theatre were a bear to get through both before and after the performance. My family was split with three of us liking Lion King the best and two of us liking Nemo the best. Since I’m the Touring Plans member, I will advocate for my favorite one - NEMO!!!

We did it in August with DH in a scooter - we made it pretty easily.

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We did it end of October/early November and were there in good time, no problems. I don’t know about March.

It doesn’t necessarily force you to decide between the two; I’ve done both in one day several times. It DOES force you to spend more time in the park in order to get them both in. Add in FoW and the juggling act becomes even more challenging. Despite all the talk of AK being a “half-day” park, I’ve never been able to do everything in a standard 9:00-5:00 day…


Right. It will dictate how you spend your time and, as you point out, will likely require you to add more time to your touring than would seem necessary. If they pushed one show 15 minutes, you could do them consecutively.

We did both in one day. We did the LK show in the morning. Then after lunch in the heat of the day, we did Nemo. It was a welcome air conditioned break at 2:00.

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We will definitely do both, just have to move things around a bit. I lost my good safari fast pass when I switched days for rol so having to rethink my whole day

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Are you going to rope drop? We finally managed to do that this time around and it was as good as it’s purported to be. You could jump on the safari then.

In August, we did Lion King at 1pm and Nemo at 2pm, both with FPs. No, it was not fun running from 1 end of the park to the other but we did it. And I still loved both shows. :grinning:


We did the safari in the middle of the day with no fast pass and with no more than a 5-8 min wait. We saw enough animals that I considered it a win-win.