Neeed tips for iteneary for our trip to WDW 9/5-9/13

I need help making iteneary for our trip. I arrive on the 5th of september and for sure our first day in the parks will be 2pm to close at the magic kingdom. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I was planning on switching parks midday or 2pmish so that the bus ride can relax my kids and they take a nap while on the way to the other park (my kids have very hard time napping). I need ideas on iteneary. I really want to do pandora, galaxy edge, tory story land for sure… My choices for dinning are tuskar house, t rex, askershus, ohana breakfast, ohana dinner, von voyage breakfast, chef mickey and corral reef. I had an iteneary but i am so glad i posted it in a prior forum because almost everyone says i need to re-arrange it because it might be too much for my kids. which is why i need help. lol. first time going to wdw with kids… here is my original post with my original plan. need help please.

Here is my iteneary.
Day 1- arrive at resort, magic kingdom, parade and fireworks.
Day 2- early magic hours hollywood studios all morning through early afternoon then animal kingdom in the late afternoon with Tusker House for dinner. ending the night with rivers of light
Day 3- AK in the morning for magic hours, then noon disney springs for T REx restauraunt for lunch, then finish the night at hollywood studios ending with fantasmic.
Day 4- Akershus in the morning with epcot in the morning, lunch is go to hotel relax and swim then evening epcot again for late night magic hours 9pm to 11pm
Day 5- My Anniversary day, von voyage for breakfast, then either disney springs or a park then dinner will be at ohana. ending night at MK for magic hours till midninght
Day 6- hollywood studios half the day, then the rest of the day epcot, eating at corral reef.
Day7- MK in early morning for magic hours then breakfast at ohana, then hollywood studios for the rest of the day ending with fantasmic.
Day 8- AK for magic hours then come to late lunch for chef mickeys and evening MK… fireworks to end our trip
Day 9- eat breakfast at resort then airport

Any fellow parents out there who have experience at disney. we are staying at port orleans riverside preffered room, we have park hopper every day and we are on the dining plan (1 quick service and 1 table service).

Did you try taking a look at any of the pre-made TP’s? They might help you form some ideas as well. :slight_smile:

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Do you know that both your kids like fireworks? Our three year old didn’t care for them even with ear protectors. We just did Epcot forever our first night and focused on other things. Even with a midday nap they were also too late for our typical bedtime for both him and our six year old so you may be over ambitious with how much time in the park the kids can take.

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Just did a trip in October with a 13 month old and a 3.5 year old. As much as I would have enjoyed the night time shows, we did not even try, just too late for the DGDs. The only exception to that was one attempt at MK for the fireworks. Thankfully, we were all the way back by the train station since the 13 month old was terrified by the sound and we left without having to work our way through the crowd. Every child is different, but our granddaughters both needed a midday break in the early afternoon which was fine, we all needed that break. We only did one day straight through so that we could see the parade and we were back in the hotel by 7 p.m. that day.

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I agree with @stompin_pt.

After you arrival day, which you count on leaving after the fireworks, you have 3 consecutive early arrival in the park, all of which you plan to stay in the evening (River of Lights - Fantasmic - Xtra Magic Hours in Epcot).

With kids of 4yo & 2yo, I would try to avoid 2 consecutive days where you leave the park late in the evening. i would also try to avoid an early arrival following a late night.

Fantasmic is a great show, but mayble not worth seeing twice in one trip.

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As a middle aged couple with DD14, and D12 in mid-August for 10 days of parks over 14 days, we wilted! September is hot and humid. We didn’t eat that much. We were hot and uncomfortable, always looking for AC and cold drinks. The heat and humidity zapped our energy.

8 days of early mornings and late nights is rather ambitious for my family. But you know yourselves and your children best. Set priorities for each park and everything else will be the cherries on top!

Also, be sure to watch some YouTube videos of the nighttime shows. My DD watched a video of Fantasmic while we were in the planning stage and felt that it was not a show that she wanted a 13 month old and a 3.5 yr old to be seeing. You know your children best, just something to consider.
Because we were there when Disney was offering EEMH, and since we took full advantage of that, other than the failed attempt at HEA, we did none of the nighttime shows. None of us had it in us to burn the candle at both ends, even with a midday break.

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A suggestion for you. With hoppers, this is what I do:

Since we are early risers, AM emh is easy for us. So for our stays, our park day choice is simple. The park that has Am EMH is the park we go to. If no park has Am EMH, then we target rope dropping any park that had emh the day before.

Make a list of what attractions you’d like to experience.
Make a list of which high demand restaurants you’d like to have a meal in. Hoop De Doo, Cinderella’s Table, especially DESTINATION meals.
Make a list of any extras - tours, dessert parties, emm, etc.


Figure out which parks you will go to on which days. You can use historical park hours to make a decent educated guess on which parks will have emh during your stay. You might also want to look at Halloween parties as well.

Fit the attractions, extras, and meals together like a jigsaw puzzle since you have hoppers. Example:

Rope Drop MK, stay through the parade.
Leave the park.
Chill at the hotel, swim, let the kids nap.
Then hop to another park for dinner, see a few shows or low wait attractions, watch the “nighttime spectacular” and then go back to the resort.
(Note: where you schedule your pre-booked fp is a choice you’ll have to make that suits what your plans are, however, if you are hopping, please know that you can search for fp’s in the park you are hopping to once you use the last fp you want in a different park - so, let’s say you are done in MK, and you know you are hopping to Epcot around 5pm. You can start hunting for a fp in Epcot while you are in MK. It’s nice to hop to a park knowing you have a sweet fp. You can hunt for good fp at the “hop to” park while the kids are napping, or while you are at lunch - whatever.

When you are fitting this stuff together like a puzzle, you’ll start seeing where things makes sense, and which lesser priority things might have to be skipped on this trip. Since you have hoppers, imo it’s easier to get things to fit together for my style of warrior in the am, then chill in the pm. I hop to a park late in the day, or early evening, and just do relaxed stuff, like shows, and hunt for fastpasses.

Other things to take into consideration, that might seem costly, but I recommend:
Hoop De Doo
Special Tours
Dessert Parties

Also, with a 2 yr old, contemplate splitting up - taking the 2yr old back to the resort, if the 4 yr old can hang a little longer.

Measure the 4 year old to see what rides he might not be able to do so there’s no surprises.


thank you so much for the tips

Thank you for the tips