Need your help guys

Before I subscribed to TP I had made my online check in and added a room request in there… I’ve tried several times to just take the requests back to “select” and it won’t let me make any changes AT ALL… has this ever happened to any of you at any point in time?

Also, does anybody know if building 9 (80’s section) at Pop is already open for guests? I’ve read that the “official opening date was set for July 24th”…

I am doing online check-in too and I am getting a warning that a month before arrival I cannot make any more changes. Are you within your 1 month arrival window @Lillyfs?

@quicha thank you for your reply!
Almost a month before arrival… I’m 32 days out… Noticed the problem 37 days before my arrival date.
Maybe thats the case

About your 90s building question, yes it’s open now. It has been opened a couple of weeks maybe.

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Thank you! I’m sorry, I meant the 80’s! requested both, 90’s and 80’s section! let’s see if I get any of them… wish me luck

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Tell us if you have luck with it.

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