Need Translator for All These Abbreviations?

Can someone please direct me to some sort of English<—>Forum Abbreviations dictionary?? I’m new here and I keep trying to read posts but so much of what everyone is typing is abbreviations for things, places, etc. Sadly these forums could be so helpful but they are just confusing me cause I cannot for the life of me read what anyone is writing. Please? Is there a list?? Thank you in advance!!!

Helpless and Confused,


Welcome! and try this.


Always feel free just to ask, too, if something is hard to figure out. People on here are nice and don’t judge if you can’t follow all the abbreviations.


Hi! Thanks!!

Two of hte ones I’ve been most confused about aren’t on that list (of course they aren’t).

What is CM and what is FPP (or is it FFP)???

CM = Cast Member (so a Disney employee)
FPP = Fast Pass Plus

Here’s the Forum one.

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those are all just nuts! My head is spinning! WHYYYYYYY is what I want to know :):slight_smile: ha!

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Type Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party a few times and suddenly MNSSHP looks real attractive :slight_smile:

Don’t worry - there are lots I need to think about a long time before I get them, if I ever do…


hahahaha! Now THAT one I get would be a great abbreviation! If it’s more than eight letters I think an abbreviation is legit. :slight_smile:

Actually, they aren’t really necessary here in the Forum. They’re a hold-over from the original Touring Plans Chat app (called Lines) which has a strict character limit for each post and comment. When you’re limited to just a couple of sentences, acronyms and initialisms become very appealing. In my opinion, it doesn’t take that much extra effort to write out full names here where there aren’t any character limits, but old habits are hard to break. :wink:


Ha! Ok thank you! That helps me wrap my head around why everyone is talking in code! That makes sense. :slight_smile: Sincere thanks to you :):slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

If responding from a full keyboard you’re definitely right. If you’re visiting the forums from a phone or iPad though I can see the abbreviations being useful still…

Plus this way folks can figure out who the newbies are quickly :slight_smile:


haha yes, ME… who is replying to literally every thread with “What is ??”

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I agree with you stephyod. I really struggle with the acronyms as well. I understand why they are so useful sometimes but apart from the small handful of very obvious ones, it’s all martian to me :frowning: