Need touring plan advice

I have the following plan:
I created this plan a while back and I already have the correct FPPs. When I optimize the plan now, it comes up with some pretty different results and will never use my 8:00am start time. Optimizing always gives longer wait times than this current plan, but “Evaluating” pretty much keeps the same waits. Am I missing something? I realize that there is a lot a free time, but I like it that way so maybe some of the group can do the Rocking Roller coaster again and also to add in time for just looking around.

Any thoughts on whether or not this plan looks good and workable?

Thanks in advance!

I’m no expert but I think it looks good. I like some free time for looking around too. As far as using optimize, I rarely do, unless I make a copy and just play around with the copy, playing “what if…”

Are you doing the Mama M F! package?
If so, I’d move Star Tours BEFORE that. If it’s a f! pkg, there’s a decent chance you’ll be full to the gills - just in case anyone has tummy issues on rides - beware.

So it looks pretty good. I do have a few thoughts:

Morning EMH at HS are reportedly pretty phenomenal (I’ve never done it myself, for a variety of reasons) so I can’t imagine using most of that hour as “free time” or “just looking around.” If I were going to rally to be out of bed and at the gates for an 0800 opening, I’d be using that time well and having free time and looking around after the EMH was over and the park was getting busier. Otherwise, what’s the point of arriving at 0800?

Your group seems maybe interested in Star Wars (I see both Star Tours and the SW night show on your plan). Maybe use some of that “free time” at Launch Bay?

I don’t think you’ll make it to the 2:00 BATB after Frozen Sing-A-Long. I know what the plan says, but we were late for our 1:05pm reservation at Sci Fi (right behind the sing a long theater) when viewing the 12:30 show. Not sure if it started late or somehow ran long or what, but whatever the case I was sweating hoping we would not be turned away at the podium once we finally reached Sci-Fi at 1:20. BATB theater is a bit of a walk from the theater. I would plan to see the 11:00 show and to TSMM during that a.m. EMH instead.

I also think you’re going to have to chose between Fantasmic and SW. It’s possible you might catch the end of SW but I think you’ll end up enjoying neither show as a result. The Fantasmic Theater is huge and the walk from seating just to Sunset Blvd is long in and of itself. If you sit in the very back and scoot out before the (fantastic) Fantasmic ending, you’ll increase your chances. But you’ll spend the whole show wondering if it’s time to scoot or not. Pick one and enjoy it to its fullest.

It looks to me that the main problem is that you do not have enough attractions planned to fill up the day - that is why you have alll this free time throughout the day. In these situations the Optimizer will cone up with results that look very strange.

You have over 5 hours of Free Time - Add more attractions, or schedule a resort break during the afternoon You have a long day planned with mEMH and Evening shows, so a break might be a good idea anyway.

Thank you for the great feedback! We actually have the Fantasmic + Pixar Dining plan. I had not thought about the Star Tours after the big meal!

I was actually hoping to use that first hour to possible ride Aerosmith more than once (since that has worked out for us in the past) and then just see what else we could quickly hit. We are a teen/adult group and this is our first park day for this trip, so I’m hoping we can move pretty quickly to take advantage of that first hour!

I think having too much free time is the reason that the plan is coming out a little strange. I’ve been having a heck of a time forcing it to keep the EMH start. Everytime I start messing with it, it seems to want to change my start time to 9:00.

@OBNurseNH - thanks for the advice on the BATB. I’ll work on moving that around.


You’re welcome!

I guess since you have the Fantasmic (and Pixar) dining package, then, I would recommend dropping the Star Wars Fireworks. Your seating for Fantasmic will be wonderful, but you’ll never make it to enjoy more than a few minutes of Star Wars, and you’ll miss the finale of Fantasmic.