Need to pick up someone at MK gates

What is the easiest/fastest way to get to the MK gates to pick up someone without paying to park? I need to pick DD between 7:30 and 8pm at the Gates - not where the parking or buses are. From what I have seen online they say you pick up people by the Ticket/Transportation Center but since my DD is with a school group and is leaving early they won’t be walking out to the parking lot. I thought about seeing if I could park at Contemporary and run over to the gate, but it looks like they will only let you park if you are a guest or you have a restaurant reservation. Any other ways to get there without paying to park?

Can your DD make it out to the TTC on her own? If so, there is a small parking lot on Seven Seas Drive, in front of the TTC. It use to be Lost and found, I’m not sure what it is now, but I believe it is still open.

Unfortunately I have to meet her at the gate so that the chaperone can hand her over.

You need to clarify where.

No one can drive to the gate. If you have to meet her there you will have to park at the TTC and take the monorail or ferry across to MK. Does the chaperone know this?


There isn’t driving access to the MK gate. A better option might be that someone in the park (a chaperone) brings her to the TTC and then they ride back and you pick up your child.

I’m fine with parking and taking the tram or boat to get to the gate. Just wasn’t sure if you are allowed to park at the transportation center for free.

Park at Contemporary and walk over?

Or park at one of the monorail resorts and take the monorail.

But that depends on being let in, which often won’t happen without a reservation.

ETA: Oh, sorry. This link was for dropping off, not picking up. You can ignore it for now.

Each of the posts I find on the subject all say the same thing, basically. You HAVE to do it at the TTC using the designated drop-off/pick up spot. If you want to do it at the Magic Kingdom entrance itself, you have to pay to park and cross over on the ferry or monorail, or else you have to pick them up at the TTC.

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Yeah. That’s what I was reading but wasn’t sure if there might be other options. Thank you everyone.

Can the chaparone walk her over to the Contemporary for a hand off, then you wouldn’t have to really park, if you timed it well.

You’ll have to pay.

Grand Floridian or Polynesian in my experience is easier to park without paying if you tell them you’re eating at the quick service or just looking around. If you’re staying onsite, I think they may even be a bit more lenient with this but that’s just a theory.

You can try explaining to the parking attendant -they might wave you through. One day I was trying to find the car care center and somehow drove through MK and Epcot parking gates. They let me through to turn around.

Or explain to the Contemporary that you are picking up your daughter. Not guaranteed but possible.

Just a thought but you could park your car somewhere nearby, take an Uber to the TTC, ride the monorail to the gate and back to the TTC with your daughter then summon another Uber/Lyft. Still have to pay but probably(?) not as much as it costs to park.

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Lyft Minnie Vans can drop off at the gate but that will cost as much as parking.

You can only use those if staying onsite. Which I don’t think OP is or they wouldn’t be concerned about paying to park.

Thank you everyone. Unfortunately last night my DD dislocated her knee and now can’t go on trip :sob: She’s crushed.

Oh no. Sorry to hear that. :frowning_face: