Need to find Kermie's next keeper!

I have Kermie right now and need to start making plans to get him to his next person! Who gets him?

Did you check the spreadsheet?

@BigPetesWife and @miasamone17 are the next people on the Kermit list.

Hopefully, we will hear from one of them! I sent them both a PM.

It looked like miamiasmone has him… She’s the OP.

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Oops…I was one person behind…Sorry @miasamone17

Hi, I think I’m next, but we don’t have a car at the moment to be able to pick him up. Were at dhs today, we’ll be at tusker house for breakfast tomorrow morning then mk from about 2 and then mnsshp. Does this fit in at all?

Or @ATbeliever is next on the list I think

Hmmmmmm we will be at Epcot tommorrow and then MK on Friday and all over on Sat!

@DarthDopey I’m on the list after you guys. I’ll be at CBR but could hopefully meet you in park one day. I’ll be at EP morning and afternoon and MK the night of 11/9 and in AK on the 10th. Let me know. Thanks.

@bwalker75 will do. First, I have to get him. That’ll be the first challenge.

Ok. I’ll PM you my number. You can text me.

@DarthDopey - at the moment I have him. I’m trying to get him to @ATbeliever at some point this week.