Need to find a new Kermie Keeper!


Hello out there! We are going to be checking out tomorrow 11/8 at CSR. Will be leaving Kermie at Bell Hop for someone to pick him up, if we don't hear from anyone. Not sure what name to leave him under? We've had lots of fun with Kermie, and wish we could take him home! smile @DarthDopey - you're next on the list, I believe? We will be at Polynesian today for breakfast at Ohana, then will be at the MK for the rest of the day, including the MVMCP. Tomorrow, we check out, then head over to HS for the day until it's time to catch the train. Do any of our plans coincide with yours?


@DOLEWHIPDAD will be at the party tonight. I wonder if he can pick up Kermit for me since I'll be seeing him at MK tomorrow. Let me check.


If we can link up tonight I would be happy to make the handoff. We are going to try to be to MK by 4-5 tonight


Oh bummer! I'm so sorry, I never checked forums while at the parks today. It was crazy at the party! And, my family was keeping me to busy, and half of then were having meltdowns. I will leave Kermie at Coronado Springs Bell Hop under Joanne LaFlamme, unless I can leave him to be locked up by someone else? I promise to check forums tomorrow morning before we check out, so if one of you can get him, give me your name, and I'll leave him for you! smile


@DarthDopey, will you be at MK today? We will be there briefly on our way to train station. Probably between 1-5pm. Should I bring Kermie to hand off to you??


@ATbeliever we are headed there now. Text me. (203) 733-0893.


Will text you now! smile