Need to be reminded: best grocery store short drive from BLT?

We’ll have a car this next trip and expect to fully utilize our kitchens in the villas at both parts of our split stay.

I asked once before about grocery stores, but cannot find said post and also cannot find it.

The one I’m thinking of was not far, had a lot of shops including a liquor store in the same plaza, and was reported by many to be safe, well stocked, and an overall pleasant experience.

Please remind me?

Best grocery store in the area is Publix

According to Google this one is closest’s+Contemporary+Resort,+World+Drive,+Lake+Buena+Vista,+FL/publix+lake+buena+vista+florida/@28.4315132,-81.5870957,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x88e7809c5fee3db3:0xbe1dbbac0c80c6d3!2m2!1d-81.5735925!2d28.4163063!1m5!1m1!1s0x88e7805789af5195:0x32708670d4cc88bd!2m2!1d-81.5613112!2d28.4465189

Never shopped at that location, my preferred Publix in the area is Publix Super Market at Regency Village Shopping Center across from the Premium Outlet Malls.


This is the one that we also like. It isn’t as close to BLT though, but very close to DS.

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We use the one very near to AKL, out along the back road from there.

It’s between WDW and Orange Lake. Off the main 192 to the right.

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Is that also a publix? That one might be convenient for our AKL leg

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That’s the one we always go to as well (using the back road).

It looks super close on the map

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I will make a mental note of that one as well!

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Yes, it’s a Publix. With a liquor store almost next door.

When we stay at BLT we actually just go out onto the 192 for Tampa (East) and it’s not far along. It was only when we were at AKL that a CM told us how to go there via the short cut.

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I think the one near the outlet malls is what I’m thinking of?

Publix Super Market at Orange Lake Town Center is closest to AKL, it is on 192 and is minutes away from AKL if you take Sherbeth Road. That road connects 192 to Osceola Parkway and both the AK and the AKL.

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I think I’ll use one of the others on arrival for our time at BLT and use the Orange Lake one for our time at AKL


Your question just reminded me that I was supposed to be staying this week at a new condo complex just off of 192, getting the full use out of the last week of our AP’s.

Sorry to put salt in the wound :frowning:

That’s the one I like too.

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