Need some resort advice

I am considering an October or November trip back and it looks like Boardwalk, BC and AKL are all priced similarly. We like BWI and BC. But I know there are refurbs going on. We stayed a night at BC back in March but nothing was really going on that I could tell. Can anyone speak to the refurbs at BWI and BC? I know this is a few months out. Trying to narrow it down. I’ve never done AKL before but I’m not sure I want to be so far removed from the parks and conveniences like the Skyliner. Decisions, decisions….


I know at least a portion of each resort has been renovated, but I’m not sure of the completion timeline. AKL really needs a refurb, but it’s also such a unique and special experience. Will you have a lot of resort time?

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I read that BWV will be under refurbishment through at least next spring. I’m not sure about BCV.

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For added specificity, all the rooms on the BWI side are done now, and it’s BWV that may take until Spring.


Oops, yes I meant BWV. It’s too late :laughing:

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BCV are expected to restart in the “Fall”….

There is work going on in the BC lobby, not sure if any rooms have been started yet.

As for AKL. This is an often repeated fallacy. It is not way far out from the parks, it’s only MK that is noticeably further away. If you are planning any resort time @hokiebroker_696650 , I say go for AKL

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Thanks for all the info. We wouldn’t be on the villas side of either BC or BW so that would work out. We wouldn’t have a ton of resort time. Probably a five day trip. We were there in March and June so this is more of a Halloween or Thanksgiving kind of trip. I like the idea of all three. AKL definitely has a leg up on the Savannah and we really like Jiko/Boma/Sanaa dining options. All three are great. We also really like SAB and walking to the IG at EP and grabbing a Skyliner to HS from the Boardwalk area. So it is just a matter of figuring out what we want more. This has been a big help!

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From what I read, sound like several of the BC floors renovations are completed and now they started on lobby.

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I am down to AKL or BWI. Just trying to weigh out having the Savannah experience versus the convenience of the Boardwalk. We would have to Minnie Van it everywhere from AKL which is fine but my fam enjoys the Skyliner. So there you go. I am leaning toward trying out AKL though.

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I wouldn’t Minnie van from everywhere. It is very expensive and the buses at AKL are great! We’ve stayed there twice and never had a problem with waiting for buses. They seemed to come quickly.

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Good advice. We really like the Minnie Vans really just because of no waiting. Plus a stroller or two. BUt they can be pricey for sure!

If you haven’t stayed here prior, you are in for a treat! We are on a quest to try all of the resorts!

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We keep considering new resorts but sometimes are creatures of habit. We have done Riviera, Poly, BC, BWI, CSR, CBR, Pop, AoA and Wilderness Campground. We have repeated a few of these several times. There are so many choices. We still want to do CR sometime and we hear great things about SSR and POR. With a DD4 and DD8, we still look for pools, theming and proximity to parks right now.

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Ease of getting to the parks is always at the top of our list with little kids. I just want to be able to get to the hotel quick when we are done.

POR gives you a fun pool and theming but not the proximity to the parks.

Contemporary gives you proximity to MK (and Epcot kinda) and theming - if you like the Incredibles - but not the exciting pool.

Poly is probably the only resort where you get all 3, IMO anyway. I suppose it depends on what is meant by theming….Beach Club has an overall theme but it’s not an IP type of theme.

My two favorite resorts so far! Good choices! If it’s in the budget, we resolved the AKL issues by ubering (except to the MK since we didn’t want to go to TTC).

*I see you mentioned Minnie Vans which weren’t back yet when we were at AKL-Kidani.

**And another way to solve the long bus ride to MK is to book a breakfast at Chef Mickey’s and then uber there and then walk to MK (or monorail). Or one of the other monorail resorts.

Me too. Whichever is the shorter list, done or not done what’s on that list? :wink:

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You have done a couple I need to. People seem to love the Poly but we’ve been there for Ohana and I wasn’t super impressed with the lobby. That resort gives me 70s vibes (not the room photos but the outdoor areas/lobby) and it’s just not my favorite thematically. It doesn’t really remind me of Hawaii or French Polynesia. I think the Royal Pacific at Universal does a better representation. Maybe it’s 1970s Hawaii! LOL What were your thoughts as I see it’s not on your favorites list either?

I have a similar problem with Contemporary and it’s 70s feeling theme but boy was it convenient for MK. I still don’t think I’ll stay there again cuz of the resort vibe wasn’t for me like BWI or AKL.

By the end of next summer it will have been:

All star movies
Caribbean beach
Grand Floridian
Yacht Club
Boulder Ridge
Contemporary (Maybe)

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This is why Contemporary is a maybe for me :joy: I know we want to stay on the loop. We are in a queue for GFV but not sure if that will come through. So that leaves Poly and Contemporary. I am not sold on the Contemporary vibe yet. I do know my kiddos would love the Incredibles rooms though. :thinking:

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