Need some lateral thinking about accommodations. Please help!


Hello all,
Next April I plan to travel to the world with my (elderly-but-active) parents, my 5 year old, and a colleague, her 1- and 3-year olds, and her nanny. We'd like to stay close to each other but NOT together in the same unit.
We have a conference at the Hyatt Regency Orlando & attached convention centre.
We'll want to be at the meeting 3-4 days of the week we're there, at least one or two full days, and probably two afternoons. We'll need to either stay on site at the conference or commute there and back several times during the week.
A huge part of the experience for my family is the on-site hotel. My five year old LOVES AoA, and the family suites would work well for our larger groups. But I could accept an off-site location if the pool and facilities were amazing. So, options;
- Moderate with multiple rooms (e.g. POFQ)
- AoA family suite
- Off site resort (which one?) with two-bedroom suites
- Conference hotel (Hyatt Regency Orlando), although rooms appear to be booking up and may not be available for the whole week
- Another hotel nearby, e.g. at Sea World, and then do Sea World and Aquatica instead of Disney?

How long will it take to get back and forth from Disney property to the hotel? It's maybe a half-mile North of Seaworld. And how bad is the driving? Should we Uber?

Anyway, ANY insight or ideas from those who know the area would be ++ appreciated!
Thank you! :slight_smile:


POFQ would be a great choice. Since it is small, you could be close if not in the same buildings. It is an easy walk to the main building from the far rooms. The far rooms are closer to the boat to Disney Springs.


Sounds fun! I would at look at VRBO just to see what's available. You might be able to find something halfway in between Disney and the conference.


Check out Wyndham Bonnet Creek. It's right near the Port Orleans/Old Key West area.
They have 2 bedroom suites and last time I checked, the prices were very reasonable.


Sheraton Vistana Resort has 2 bedroom suites and really nice pool areas, one of which has a splash pad area. It's a mile from Disney property, super easy to get to all the parks. Not sure how bad traffic is during rush hour if that's when you need to get to the conference, but you could be to the seaworld area in 10-15 min probably.


Are the "elderly but active" parents and Nanny planning to take all the kids to parks on days when you and colleague are at conference? Are they going to be comfortable driving back and forth from off-site hotel to WDW?


I stayed at POP while attending a conference at the Renaissance Sea World. It was about 30 min door-to-door.


The elderly/active and Nanny could take the kids on Disney transport but I wouldn't send them driving anywhere. Hence the appeal of on-site at Disney: they can take disney transit to Disney springs or even to a park if they want to. Plus all the on-site activities.
But not looking forward to a long commute to the meeting each day. Blech.


Thanks so much for the data - very helpful!


I think if they are not comfortable driving then it's hands down on-site.


Look at Disney Vacation Club (DVC) rentals. You might find some floor plans that you like, and maybe one of the 2 bedroom suites will fit the entire group. And the price might be very favorable; we rented points, and got a 1BR at the Contemporary for about $100 more than a suite at Art of Animation.


The Wyndham & several other resorts within the Disney property offer shuttles to the parks.


I would say get a 3 or 4 bedroom presidential suite at WBC. Or smaller if you really don't want to be physically in the same unit even with separate bedrooms. The prices really can't be beat. Don't rent direct from them. It's a timeshare just like DVC and you can score some really great prices direct from owners. Check out listings on Ebay and also ask in the regular chat as lots of owners have websites you can rent through.


That's the kind of answer I like! :wink: