Need some help with one of my Touring Plans, Please!

Just booked to visit in July and crazy excited. Yes we know it will be hot. We’re from Texas and we’ve visited Florida or Puerto Rico every summer for the last 4 years so we will come armed with our insulated water bottles and plenty of sunscreen.

Working on personalizing touring plans for our group which includes some somewhat smaller children all over 45 inches tall. The plan I am having issues personalizing is for our Harry Potter themed day. The plan is giving me:

1 Escape from Gringotts - 9:10 am
2 Knight Bus - 9:28 am
3. Olivanders - 9:34 am
4. Tales of Beedle the Bard - 9:47 am (10 am performance)
5. Diagon Alley - 10:12 am
6 Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees - 10:45 am {11 am performance)
7 Leaky Cauldron for Lunch - 11:30 am
8. Hogwarts Express Kings Cross 12:16 pm

The message I am getting says the plan may have me arriving at a show, meal, or break later than you’d prefer. I don’t really understand as it has me leaving on the Hogwarts Expresss at 12:16 and I told it we had all day just in this park. It could just push things down later if there is a problem surely? However, it works out well for our plans to see as much of Harry Potter in Islands of Adventure as possible the same day. We don’t have to finish all Harry Potter in one day as we have a total of 4 days for everything.

My question is do you think if we skipped Beedle the Bard and just came back for that on one of our other days thereby arriving at Celestina Warbeck’s show about 24 minutes earlier this might resolve our issues or should we just plan to play it by ear skipping Beedle or Celestina that day as necessary? We will have another day when we could see any or even all of those shows if we can’t fit them in and still hop the Hogwarts Express around noon-1pm. Given how busy I expect it to be I don’t really want to leave for the second park much later than 1 pm.

I then get the same message on our Islands of Adventure second half plan. I’m thinking the problem with this plan is also squeezing in the shows. Has anyone had experience with this? Wondering should I just remove the shows and fit them in on day 4 which we’ve slated as a day to fit in whatever we missed the other three days mostly.

Do you have your lunch added in at 1130 or a different time? If you put the lunch in at 11 and it can’t get you there until 1130 that message would show.

Thank you! This is the answer. :slight_smile: