Need some help planning my itinerary, Please

Have a work trip planned for the last week of August. Will be traveling by myself, so I have no one else’s opinions or wants to worry about. Only problem is, I am having a tough time making decisions for my plans. Would love some advice:
So far this is what I have:
Monday 8/30 Arrive MCO at 856am. Staying at CSR and thinking of using Uber if I have to to maximize my time. Have all day and night free and unsure what park to reserve. Has anyone been able to snag a BG from their departing airport? Only issue is departure time is 702am so not sure if I will have time.

Tuesday 8/31: have all day free, I did purchase a ticket for Boo Bash so MK this night.

I have meetings during the day on both Wednesday and Thursday and should be done by 4pm. For these 2 nights I did purchase special convention after 5pm tickets and was planning on Epcot both nights.

So far, I have an idea of spending time in MK and Epcot. Which day would you choose for AK and HS? If I made a ressie for HS for Monday and was unable to grab a BG at 7am, could I change my ressie to AK if it’s available, can you do that so close to park opening time? Thinking have my parks set to HS for both days and roll the dice with getting a BG first thing Monday and take things from there. I’m sure I’m over thinking this but it sucks not having someone else to plan with in a way too.

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This is possible, but the stress of it would lead me to say avoid this strategy. Just save your HS day for when you can fully devote your attention to getting a BG.

For arrival day, I recommend Epcot or MK since they are open later. Sounds like MK would be best given your convention tickets later in the week.

You can change your park reservation the day of, anytime up till you enter the park. But that’s subject to availability, so just keep that in mind. The other thing you can do if you have hoppers is to start at HS regardless of whether you get a BG, then hop to a different park.

Thank you! Yes I should have mentioned, I have a 2 day hoper pass for Monday and Tuesday. Was only thinking of having HS picked out for both days in case I bomb at getting a BG on Monday, then Tuesday would be do or die, my only chance since I’m stuck in meetings during the day the rest of the week.

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Ah I see. Then it might be worth trying Monday as well if RotR is a must do for you. I would recommend turning off wifi since airplanes often have wifi that isn’t connected to the internet when you’re at the gate.