Need planning help for 1/2 day: Morning only: Animal Kingdom or Studios

On the day we attend MVMCP which is also our first day at Disney (Sunday, before Thanksgiving) we were going to do a morning park until just after lunch time. Studios and Animal Kingdom are the parks that our family has the least interest in. There is not a whole day at either of these parks for our family but Studios probably has more.

On that day we are planning to go to either Studios or Animal Kingdom and stay until 1-2. Get lunch, rest and then head to MK for MVMCP where we will stay til midnight.

Trying to decide between:

Studios with the EMH opening at 8 and must rides are: Tower of Terror, Rock and Roller, and Toy Story Mania. If able to walk through Star wars area, if not no big deal. Some of the other shows are fun if have the time


Animal Kingdom - Try to get FP for either Flight of Passage or Navi River before 1:00. Rope Drop the other one. (If no FP ability then Rope Drop FOP and immediate to Navi. Then FP Expedition Everest and maybe one other thing. Other than that no must see and do but could find things

The next day we will spend a 3/4 day at the park not done as a morning only. We would not arrive til mid morning due to late night before. But would stay in that park until closing.

My thinking is half day Animal Kingdom as there are only 3-4 rides we wish to do. Thinking that Studios will be more crowded on the day with early opening. Star Wars is making planning Studios a wild card. So spending a longer time at Studios might could see a few other things than our “must do” list

Need advice or opinions on how much we can expect get done in a Sunday morning at Animal Kingdom if we Rope Drop it and get FP for what we can.

I found that getting morning FP+ for Tower of Terror is difficult at 60+3 days.
If you are doing a 1/2 day plan at less than 63 days, you might want to make ToT a “rope drop” target or plan on going to HS in the afternoon.

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I would always spend more time at AK than DHS, but given that you’re family is not hugely interested in either I would do Ak and the DHS the following day. You can get most of the main times does in a morning in AK (RD Navi, then EE, Dinosaur, PW, FP FOP, FP Safari, FP rapids and walk some of the trails). If you get the right FPPs in DHD then you can arrive late and still have a good days touring (see - he has recently done a late arrival blog for DHS and AK) and you can also see one of the nighttime shows (F! or star wars).

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We spent 12 hours at AK. We RDed FOP, then did Navi, then went over to the tours area and did the Caring for Giants. Yes, it’s extra, but it goes to charity and it was nice to see the elephants up close. We then did lunch, then Safari and took our time through Gorilla Falls. That put us just in time for Lion King, then over to the other walking tour. KRR was closed when we were there, but that’s where I would have put it. Next, on to EE. All 4 of us had FP, but DH and I traded MBs with the teens so they could ride twice. That put us at our ice cream break, then time for the last show of Nemo. Onward to PW and Dinosaur. By then, it was time for dinner and finally our FOP FP. Yes, it was worth waiting around all day to do a second time.

So AK can take a full day if you pace yourself. That’s left out a chunk of things that we didn’t want to do. And if you are a fan of the TS at AK, that can take more time.

But you know your family best. My advice, make up a TP for both parks on that day, see what will fit in and what interests you. If you find you’re leaving things out that you did want, save that park for another day.

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It looks like HS FP have just gotten all messed up with the tiers, so I would plan to RD that park as long as you’re ok with only doing 1 of the Pandora rides by hitting that one later the 2nd morning. I’d still FP FOP and cross your fingers that Navi won’t have a ridiculous wait.

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