Need October(CL7) HS advice with 3 and 5 year olds--skip SWGE? Best FPP for TSL? RD?

So, I can’t say I’m fully fluent in Disney, all of your various abbreviations confuse and frighten me (I’m just a simple caveman…), but I’m trying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anywho, the more I think about it, the more I think the more I think it might make sense to skip SWGE (even though it pains me). My 5 year old boy is a bit young doesn’t know Star Wars well and my 3 year old girl doesn’t care nor does my wife. Is this a good idea? I know my boy would love the ride, but is it worth it? How early would we need to get there before RD? Are we talking 5:30 AM?

As far as navigating the rest of HS goes, I’d like some thoughts from the experts. With EEMH going 6AM-9AM is RD critical? If it is that’s cool, we’re early risers, just want some thoughts. I built a test plan and SDD showed a wait of 52 minutes before 7:00AM?! Wow, is that really the case? We did DLR a year ago and with EMH we did TSMM like 3 times back to back no waiting and could have done it more. Seemed like the park was pretty wide open until 9 or 10AM and almost everything was under 10-15 minutes during EMH.

Also, given that wait time at SDD at 6:50 AM, does it make sense to do FPP that early? Can you do FPP that early? Or do those only start once EMH are over?

Now that WDW has, finally, announced that they will be taking reservations / boarding parties into SWGE I’m not sure it will be complete chaos. This has been pretty successful at DLR. You may be able to get into a Boarding Party or even walk into the area if all you want to do is just see it. IMHO - the majority of people are still waiting to go until after Dec. 5th when RotR opens.

The only areas open for EEMH will be SWGE and TSL. If you really don’t think your kids will care about SWGE. I don’t see the need to get a 5 year old out of bed before dawn.

I would get there as early as possible and have a good TP already made to follow. A good TP will put you at a greater advantage than 1,000s of other ppl at WDW who are just wandering aimlessly.

I’d aim at getting to the park no later than 8am if you are worried about crowds. The crowds will definitely start getting there about 30 minutes before the park officially opens.

There won’t be any FPP at EEMH, so a 52 minute wait isn’t totally out of the question if only 3 rides are open during this time. (MFSR / SDD / TSM) IMHO - I don’t think it’s likely, but I trust TP’s data. You can only get FPP for times after park opening.

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Darkmite you’re a prince. thanks. Will have to think a little more about this. In my head I was going to do HS at 60+1 of my trip, but learning my FPP availability may be limited. Even with a good TP, I think lines over 30 minutes are pretty brutal with young kids. Maybe rope drop one of the 2 big TSL rides and see if it makes sens to wait for the other, get some breakfast, and try to book early FPPs from there. Maybe check out SWGE with a boarding plan late morning. The other issue we have to deal with is we still have nap time for the younger one, so we only go until about lunch time.

I have some thinking to do on how we want to handle this, but you’ve helped a ton. Thank you