Need Kermit keepers in Mid-October

There is a fairly sizable gap in the Kermit calendar in mid October. No one is currently signed up from 10/15 to 10/25.

If you are interested please sign up on the spreadsheet located here.

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Yayyyy I am signed up for Kermit!! It was something I was hopping for. wink

I have signed up from 10/21-10/25 but if someone else wishes to have him in the time period I am willing to share.

@BigPetesWife we will have to arrange a hand off!


Hmm there is an overlap...

10/25-11/8 @BigPetesWife
10/25/-11-2 @miasamone17

Oh no I am confused who gets Kermit after me??!!

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I'm happy for @miasamone17 to have Kermit first and I can take after as my stay is longer.


Awesome @BigPetesWife, although if we happen to come across one another I will not say no to a liner meet!!


@Jedilogray where are you staying? We are staying at CSR..... where would it be the easiest for you to leave him? We will have our own car so whatever is easiest for u.

Thank u @BigPetesWife ...... Will enjoy having him for our MNSSHP night on the 26th.

I just sent you a private message to begin arrangements