Need help writing WDW improv. comedy game prompts

Okay, so I’m working on a prompt list for Quiplash 2 (a game from JackBox games) and have about 40 of a possible 64 prompts and could definitely use some help. For those who don’t know, Quiplash is a comedy improv. game where you get a prompt and try to write the funniest response and then the rest of the players vote. So a prompt might be “Funniest thing overheard as Rock N Roller Coaster is launching” or “They should rename Dole Whips ________” or “Worst theme for 5th park.” The prompts should be open enough that there are lots of possible funny directions to take them. You shouldn’t have a specific answer in mind.

I’ll publish the code for the prompt list once it’s complete. For some reason, my OCD really wants it to have all 64 slots filled.

Any contributions? Thanks in advance.

Here’s what I have so far:

Worst Disney shirt saying

“The line for Flight of Passage was so long, I started to _______________.”

“I couldn’t get my family up to go the parks early so I _______________.”

The music from “it’s a small world” makes me want to ________________.

“Did you hear? They’re replacing Spaceship Earth with _____________________.”

Worst theme for the 5th park

“I can’t believe our family ended up with all these _______________________.”

“I had so many extra dining plan credits at the end of the trip, we used them to _____________________.”

Every time we drive under the “WDW: Where Dreams Come True” sign, I __________.

Worst ride name change (original name and new name – all in one entry)

The worst place to find a hidden Mickey

The worst food to shape like Mickey

“Our WDW trip was so expensive, I had to _______________ to afford it.”

“My friends asked for WDW advice the night before they left. I told them _______________.”

Worst upcoming meet and greet

“Did you hear? WDW’s next hard ticketed holiday event will be for _________________.”

Worst upcoming Epcot festival

If the only thing aliens knew of Earth was WDW, they would think we are _______________.

There’s a hidden room in Cinderella’s Castle called the _________________ room.

“I heard they actually hide ________________________ in the underground tunnels.”

Instead of pixie dust, they should call it ________________.

How you know a family isn’t having fun at WDW.

Alternative name for “rope drop”

“Don’t tell the kids, but I secretly ___________________.”

“I am so tired I need _______________ to get back to my room.”

Little known rule at WDW

New Theme Song: “When You ________ Upon A __________.” (both answers, one entry)

“Kids! How many times have I told you not to _____________________.”

“I would pay $18 for a Mickey balloon if it ________________________.”

Strangest thing seen on backstage tour

Worst location for the next Disney resort

Dole Whips should actually be called ________.

Mickey Mouse should actually be named ________.

“Did you hear? Mickey bars are actually made with ____________!”

“It’s so hot here, it’s like _____________________.”

Worst place in WDW to get stuck

Name for new Magic Kingdom fireworks show

“This photopass technology is neat! They added ___________ to my picture!”

Worst Tower of Terror riding partner

What I would do if there were a power outage at Magic Kingdom

Overheard on the launch for Rock n’ Roller Coaster

Best way to kill time while stuck on the Skyliner

Worst musical stage adaptation for Hollywood Studios


Instead of Mobile Order they should call it____________

They call __________ theming?


WDW is offering a new face mask design that makes you look like __________ :joy:

They’re creating a new Disney princess based on _____________

WDW is offering a new backstage tour where you’ll actually be able to ________

They are opening a new resort at WDW with a _______ theme.


Disney is working on a new transportation concept where they _______ guests.

You kids better be having fun, this trip cost [me] ______________.

Did you hear what happened to Tigger? A little kid __________

My parents went to Disney and they brought back ___________