Need help with package decision!

Disney World just released the Stay, Play and Dine package for the time that we will be staying. The package includes the Quick Service Dining meal since we are staying at a value property. I have already made 3 dining reservations and was really excited about eating at Be Our Guest for dinner. I’m struggling with the decision because I feel like the package could save us money on food but I’d have to give up the 3 sit down meals we have planned.


We stayed at AOA last year when free dining was out and we paid an upgrade charge to have the dining plan versus the quick service one…not sure if that is still an option.

The only time we have saved money on the dining plan is when we have had a lot of character meals. Otherwise it is a waste for us. I am sure you can upgrade to sitdown, snack and counter - they always offer that. Please know - Disney NEVER offers something that they don’t make out well in. Nothing is ever FREE

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It really comes down to priorities. Which is more important to you, better food or saving money? Are meals “events”, or are they just something you have to do when you’re hungry? When I’m doing a WDW vacation (once every few years), I choose the former and eat TS every dinner and most lunches. Needless to say, a QS DP would not work for me (the regular DP doesn’t work for me either and the DxDP is just too over the top, so I never do DDPs).

What time frame is that?

This is an excellent point! For us, meals are “events” and part of the overall Disney experience. Other people would rather not “waste” time on those things, and for them, it’s all about the parks, rides, and shows. Neither is right or wrong. However, if you are not all that interested in food as entertainment rather than food as fuel, it might be a waste for you.

That is an excellent point. I will consider this when booking my own reservations.

Here is my take on it - with some exception - most of the food at WDW is ok at best. Yes some are rather good - however - there is no TS in the MK that I think is great. BOG (quasi TS) was good. We usually eat breakfast in our room (just is easier and we have some morning “dwadlers” that it jut makes it a less hectic morning. We usually have one TS and one QS per day - sometimes not - all depends. Sometimes we get to a point where people are tired and we just want to chill back at the hotel.

With the exception of the character meals - I have found it to be much less expensive to pay out of pocket then do a meal plan - plus I feel we have added flexibility. There was one time right after 9/11 that WDW was really hurting and that was the only time the “FREE” dining plan was worth it for us.

But hey - everyone is different - some like the fact that the vacation is PAID FOR and there are no surprises - I get that. Also if you do a lot of character - totally worth it. We aren’t big eaters (my wife actually gets off the kids menu a lot of the time). so for us - just isn’t worth it