Need help with my MK TP please!

This will be my first time at MK. Just me and my BF. Tried to eliminate extra walking. Planning a fp for Bmrr, buzz, and sm. How do y’all think it looks?

Um, I think doing the Ultimate Touring Plan is pretty hard-core. You’re going to be TIRED! Good luck though!

The only notes I would say is that Merida will not have a 0 min wait, she almost always has a pretty decent line going, and I would keep trying for a 7dmt fpp over Buzz as that line is notoriously long and there isn’t a full years data yet so it may not be overly accurate.

Also there doesn’t seem to be any time built in for breakfast or lunch… you might be pretty hungry unless you’re packing food with you.

I deleted a bunch of stuff and just used it as a starting point. Only way I could get the TP times to look decent. Not planning on a marathon lol. Is it to much?

You have a lot of “Free” time in this plan - the biggest blocks are 35 min after step 18 and 120 min after step 22. Essentially this means that you do not have enought acticities in your plan to fill up the day. Unless you want these big blocks of doing nothing, either add additional activities or decrease the amount of time you are scheduled to be in the park.

It’s mostly possible, except you seem to have skipped lunch. Or, do you plan to bring something to eat while you’re moving?

You’ll be worn out at the end of the day, but if your goal is to see a lot of attractions, then this plan will accomplish that. Since you said this is your first time at Magic Kingdom, I’d suggest studying park maps ahead of time so you don’t have to think about how to get from place to place. Knowing the right pathway to get between Liberty Square, Adventureland, and Frontierland will save you some walking.

Decide where you want to watch the Festival of Fantasy parade. The parade route is pretty long, so you can watch it from Frontierland (where it is often less crowded), but then you’ll be pretty far from your next step after the parade, so it might actually save you time to arrive early and watch it somewhere closer to where you plan to meet Merida. This could also address the lunch issue, if one of you saves a spot on Main Street (or in the MK “hub”) while the other gets food and brings it to your parade viewing spot.

There’s a huge gap of time between Dumbo and Wishes. It seems like you’d want to meet Ariel while you’re back in that area of the park. I’d also watch Celebrate the Magic while you’re already in a spot in front of the castle to watch Wishes (they usually show CtM right before Wishes, so I’m assuming they will on the day you’re visiting). After Wishes, you can work your way through the crowds (you’ll be swimming upstream for a little while) toward Be Our Guest. It’s ok to arrive a little early for your dinner reservation.

Thanks for the tips and yes we are bringing lunch! Thought we would eat on the liberty boat if they allow it.