Need help with my Hollywood Studios Plan

This summer will be my first visit back to the World in seven years, so with all of the changes, I could REALLY use some help. Thus far, this is what we’d like to do within the first 2 hours, including EE:

  • Arrive for Early Entry as early as we can manage to do so
    *TRY to get a Slinky Dog Dash LL (for as close to between 10AM and 11AM as possible) @ 7AM

  • Head to Tower of Terror and Rock n Rollercoaster (assuming it’s reopen by then)

*Heading to Mickey & Minnie’s

My question is, since I plan on buying all the bells and whistles(Genie+, RoR ILL, etc.), how can I input this info into the “build your own” section of Touring Plans? When I tried to play around with it last night, I couldn’t figure out how to factor in Genie+ and everything else. Thanks for the help!

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By factoring in Genie+ do you mean how to figure the returns times and when you grab the LLs or how to actually enter LL return times that you (through research) have already determined?
The second one is a much easier answer. The lines app wants me to sign in again and I forgot my password but here is a screenshot of the mobile version Touring Plans web browser (which is superior for making TPs in my opinion).

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