Need help with Magic Kingdom please

Hi, we’re first timers ad I’ve already did two personalised TP’s for MK.

Day 1 is targeting Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street.

Day 2 is targeting Frontierland, Adventureland, Liberty Square.

We are going for a third day and its this I’m struggling with. This is the day we have a Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique reservation at 1:25pm for my daughter, then we have a 4:30 ADR for CRT.

Our FPP day is this coming Monday, could anyone advise on which Fastpasses to book and how to go about doing a personalised TP? As I’m a first timer I’m a bit stuck.


I think your overall plan sounds great! Last trip, we did similar to what you have planned. 3 days at MK but the third was dedicated to BBB, CRT and re-rides. For FPs I mainly focused on securing in advance the rides I knew would be most difficult to shift around or acquire day-of (in MK those would typically be 7D, Splash, BTMRR, PPF and Space).

Have you made any TPs yet? I’d try first to set up a personalized one for each day without any FPs, including which attractions you want to do each day and see what TP recommends you secure FPs for.

Yes I’ve made personalised TP’s for MK days 1 and 2.

I’m wanting to make one for day 3, incorporating BBB and CRT, but I’ve no idea for a strategy for it or what attractions etc to add in

Since it’s your third day… maybe look at what typically has long waits and FP that…but I’d prob leave it open to things my kids wanted to do again. Nice to have so much time in MK! Maybe can guess on favorites for repeat and adjust while your there…

It sounds like you may want to do another go at Fantasyland (going with the theme of BBB and CRT). Maybe make a list of rides you missed or know you will want to ride again then look at a map and see what order makes touring sense. MK is not that big in reality, if that helps. I would probably choose FPP for this day based on what’s most important to you because you probably covered the biggies your first 2 days.

You might want to make FPs for some princess meet amd greets like Cinderella/Elena, Rapunzel/Tiana, and/or Ariel after the BBB appointment to get some beautiful photos!!


Oh good idea! Even though we did CRT I had FPs for this day to Meet Ariel. DD4 was in an Ariel dress and it was a fun meet and greet with her even after meeting her at CRT.

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Thanks guys! I like the idea of meeting the princesses after BBB :slight_smile: I’ll have a look and try come up with a TP.

Why is planning so stressful! lol

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Maybe look at some of the things that get overlooked. Like detour to the wishing well, meeting Gaston, trying to pull the sword from the stone, Riverboat, seeing the trolley show on Main St.

If you have time before BBB, then Tom Sawyers Island, The Treehouse. But not afterwards lol!

Maybe a round or two of the Sorceres of the Magic Kingdom. Or the Pirates scavenger hunt. And of course re-ride some favourites. You could pick some and then on the day just see what you all want to re-ride.

Well my FPP day was today and I took the advice from this thread. On our third MK day we have BBB at 1:25pm and CRT at 4:35pm.

So I have

7DMT at 11:10 - 12:10
Enchanted Tales with Belle at 2:30 - 3:30
Meet Rapunzel & Tiana at 3:30 - 4:30

We’ll be meeting Cinderella etc at CRT as well :slight_smile: and we chose late morning for 7DMT so that my daughter hopefully won’t get too tired later on.