Need help with deciding on park for Dec 15 and Dec 18

I had planned to tour AK on Tuesday, Dec 15. Crowd calendar says it is a 3 out of 10. I have Boma reservation at 630. I have MK scheduled for Dec 18, Friday, which is supposed to be a 6 out of 10, I have a BOG lunch res. Question is do I give up BOG res and switch these two parks around so that MK is Tuesday and only a 3 out of 10 day? We would leave park and taxi it over to AKL for our dinner. We are going to brave MK on Saturday, the 19th for parades but we have no expectations of getting on any rides, we have a crazy notion it would be fun to be at MK on a 10 day just to watch how wild it is, so it is important that we can do our rides on the other MK day. What do you think? Leave well enough alone or swap out the two parks?

I might get shouted down for saying this but crowd levels are too unpredictable at present. HS is getting slammed after 4, party days are having unforeseen affects on everything/ You could change but then it might be busier and you might wait longer. I would stick with what you have, Rd and tp are key regardless of crowd level.

I would never change my plans based on the crowd level. I agree, crowds have been crazy lately. Plan every day for a 7/8 and be very surprised if the crowds are lower. With a plan crowds will not bother you at all. Have a great trip!

Thank you for being the voice of reason. You have to plan so much for WDW that the frenzy starts to overtake everything else and you start to second guess everything. I am officially declaring myself through with planning and obsessively watching crowd predictions. Next week we will just go with the flow…and use our touring plan…