Need Help with AP Questions

Now that AP prices have gone up, I need some advice/questions answered.

  1. How much is the AP increase? I don’t remember the old price. :frowning:
  2. We have 1 six day pass we bought via UCT last winter before prices went up. If we convert this ticket to an AP (using at least 1 day first), what will they bridge that ticket to? The old original 6 day ticket price or the new cost of the 6 day ticket?


The credit you will get will be “bridged” to the current gate price of the ticket in question.

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I believe the old price was 691.00?

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Thank you @brklinck and @PrincipalTinker.

Finally got around to finding my old ticket spreadsheet - an AP was 696.51 including tax, but 691 is good enough for government work. :smile:

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