Need help with ADR timing

I am still a little confused about adr timing of 180 +10 Can someone spell it out for me please using my dates. I have a room res for May 1st to May 28th. When can I make my first adrs and for how many days at a time. Is it better to change to a split stay?

Wow, that’s a long stay! You can start to make reservations 180 days from your check-in date (5/1/16). So, on 11/03/15, you can make reservations for May 1st + 10 days (May 1st-10th).

I’m not positive how a trip greater than 10 days is handled but I assume that you will always be able to make an ADR 180 + 10 days out. For example, on 11/3/15, you will be able to make ADRs for May 1st - 10th. On 11/4/15, you will be able to make reservations for May 11th (because it’s 180 + 10 days from 11/4/15 and within your reservation).

I don’t see how doing a split stay would benefit you at all.


The rolling plus 10 was my recent experience too.