Need help with a Fast Pass situation

Here’s my situation: My company is giving my family a free stay at a Disney Resort due to an incentive contest that I will win. However, the incentive contest ends 30 days prior to our check in date. Therefore I will not have a reservation number in time to book fast passes 60 days in advance. What are my options? Can I book a “room only” with and add tickets separately through A room only will allow me to cancel with a refund if I give 5 days notice. By that point I will have the Disney resort reservation that my company has provided. Will this work?

. I know Disney changed rules to offset “leading reservations”. A lot of people made on site reservations to get 60 day FP window and canceled once 30 day mark hit and stayed offsite. Now you would lose FP if you don’t have onsite reservation. As long as you have that 2nd reservation to link you should be good

Yes, you will be fine. Just link your new reservation before cancelling the placeholder stay. Congrats on winning the contest!


Great news! Thank you.

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