Need help w/ off-site/on-site Split Stay tix purchase & FPP planning

Help! Don’t want to make a mistake. Lots of different pieces to the puzzle so I will do my best to be concise! Here are the facts:

  • Staying off-site for 7 days… Then with new summer discounts, decided to make my DS16 bday trip extra special, so just added surprise 3 more nights on-site at AKL!! (jumping for joy!!!) so 10 total! (Room only ressie)

  • Before price hike, bought myself an AP since it was best deal for parking, etc! (Patting self on back) but still need 3 more tix for rest of family (all considered adult tix)

  • Just realized I need my tix now in order to get the 60 day FPP window for the on-site days… Originally, UT looks to have best tix price for 6-day PH plus extra day (so 7-day total) But I may want as many as 9 or 10 day tix. However, now that we will have a longer stay, we may spread out our park time and have a few down days, so don’t want to commit to the longer tix yet…
    so my questions now are:

  • In the past, I have easily added addt’l park days with a Disney issue-tix… will it be easy to bridge the UT tix? (Have seen some threads with recent issues under new tix guidelines) But adding day 8, 9 or 10 at Disney seems to be more economical doing it after with the price bridging from UT

  • How do I work my FPP planning… obviously, the last 3 days of our trip on-site first at 60 days out… then make prior off-site 7 days at 30 days out… but I if I only get 7 day tix I can only FPP 4 days of my off-site week, correct? Where are the pitfalls, and is there a better way to do it? (Or will adding days once trip start mess me up…should I just commit to a 9-day now??? I sure like the thought of keeping the initial cc sticker shock to DH low and casually tacking on a few days later at a much smaller price! :wink:

I have never ordered 3rd party tix and have never done a split stay so it all has my head spinning and I don’t want to mess it up or create a future problem!!! Any advice is welcomed! Thank you liner gurus!!!

If you have your onsite stay last all your days will open at day 60 of your onsite stay. You, as an AP holder will be limited to 7 days of FPs at that time but if your traveling party had 10 day tickets they could book all 10 days at that time (I know- it doesn’t feel right- but that is the way it works).

In February, after the price increase, I was able to add days to an UT ticket and bridged the ticket. I think some of the issues with the UT tickets are that they at times seem to miss the fact that if they are park hoppers. I was head I had the hard ticket to show them

Wow! Thanks @PrincipalTinker! I didn’t realize that! I guess I need to be more prepared to plan out as many days as possible when that first FP 60 window opens up! I thought it would be the opposite! Do you think I’ll have success “copying” their additional days FP to me when my AP 30 window finally opens up??? (Have seen threads about some of that before)

I will PM you some screen shots on how it is done.

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Got them! Makes so much more sense to visually see how to proceed… am printing those out for reference when I have to do it for real! THANK YOU SO MUCH for going through all that trouble for me!!! :slight_smile: