Need Help using Plans

I’m wondering if there’s a way to plug this into my plans and I’m just missing it. I made my FP reservations this morning and there’s points at which our family splits up for different attractions. Can I make my plan show that 2 of us are going on Space Mountain and 2 of us are going to Enchanted Tales?

I would like to know this too. I have never figured it out… I have always made and evaluated plans with one option and then the other option and then included the one that takes the most time, adding a note in that step that x, y, and z will go ride Space during this time.

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My understanding is a note is the only way to show it. The TP software itself doesn’t support branching - if you had to have a definitive plan to show it, you would need a 2nd plan basically. If you were splitting up a bunch, it might be worth the overhead of a 2nd plan, but just 1 or 2 attractions, it would be hard to justify unless you just really like doing plans - which is probably half the folks here! :sunglasses:

I can’t be the only one slowly raising their hand.

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