Need help upgrading to 2bed - rent points or cash

As far as I know all members can get the discount. I don’t think it’s a blue card perk, if that’s what you meant.

I normally agree. But I live with sensory sensitive guys who have a hard time processing a disruption in their routines. Almost to OCD standards if I’m completely honest.

I get that 2 bedroom for 3 is too much. But we need at least 2 regular beds for DH’s and my bad backs. That sofa pull out is uncomfortable at best for either of us. And to be completely honest, DS isn’t too fond of it either. I am just trying to get all three of us in a bed, without any of us sharing a bed.

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This is my perfect scenario! They didn’t have any studios available that I could find, but you’re right, I had remembered about 20 minutes ago that it’s the studio and the one that can be combined, not two ones. I’ll see if I can get waitlisted for a studio anywhere in BLT.


That is what I meant. I was told it was blue card only. Very cool if It is not! Never have had occasion to use it yet but will keep it in mind JIC

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A cash studio will be a lot less than a cash one bedroom.

It gives you one more bed plus another sofa bed ?


I hope so, I can’t even get pricing because it’s showing as none available for my dates. I would book that and cancel the one bedroom immediately if I could.

I have been told that cash rooms only become available at 7months.

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Through DVC? Because the one bedroom villa is cash too, but I booked that through WDW site, not DVC (which was why I didn’t get the blue card discount).

7 months out would be May 1.

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I just tried to see if Chat was available on MS to ask, but no luck. If I can I’ll ask.
Of course a blue card member could always book it for you. I don’t think the member has to be on the reservation. And even if they did, unless there was a capacity issue that member could simply just not be able to travel. :wink:


Try DVC. I booked a BCV studio for us at 11 months out, as soon as we had our points stay booked.

That was for our cancelled trip.:cry:

I’m sorry. We can’t get back to normal soon enough!

I was referencing directly booking cash through Disney. Not sure about through DVC with member perks.

Just saw this answer, so we can combine points and cash, just not both on the same night.

You can combine your Vacation Points and cash to pay for the following:

Accommodations at Disney Vacation Club Resorts:** Each night must be paid for with either Vacation Points or with cash—but they cannot be combined to pay for the same night

I’m still going to call next week to either waitlist a two bedroom, or cancel my one bed when I get a studio. I’ll report back here when I get an answer either way just for reference.

I think you would need to figure out how many nights you could book a two bedroom for. Reduce your 1 bedroom to that amount of days and set up the waitlist to take that place, and then book a cast stay for the other nights.


Yes, that’s what @OBNurseNH said in the first reply :wink: Otherwise I would have said the same thing.

You probably won’t be able to link those though, so there is a chance you’ll have to move rooms. We did the first time we did it, but the second time we got to stay put.

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Just catching up on this thread. Can’t believe you were going to pay cash for a 1-bedroom PLUS your DVC 1-bedroom! :joy: Liners saved you from a complete waste of money!

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It’s not resolved yet! Member services kept hanging up on me all day Saturday. I’ll call, probably Tuesday or Wednesday and just lay it all out there and hopefully they can help. So far, I still have both one bedrooms on hold because there are no studios available those dates.

When it comes to points, I get super confused even in the best of circumstances.

The cash room gave DH a quick reminder at how fast cash rooms add up.


That and finding your way from the Poly to the GF, apparently. :wink:


Member Services just hung up on me again. They won’t even let me wait to talk to anyone, just an “all agents are busy, please try again later”.

Ok. Got through finally.

I’m SoL!

There is no room. No two bed, even if I had the points to cover. No one bed, no studios. No cash option available even if I am able to find something.

She did have a studio at Old Key West and Poly (I was so sad, she might have said somewhere else).

Options going forward. Keep the one bedroom reserved with points.

Keep the one bedroom cash until a studio opens up, then reserve the studio, cancel the one bed cash.

Keep telling DH the cash cost of a two week stay in a two bedroom to remind him how quickly surpassing the 90k for 400 points will actually be.

Pray he doesn’t scrap the entire thing and tell me to VRBO the trip instead.