Need help upgrading to 2bed - rent points or cash

I have a one bedroom, lake view booked for December for two weeks at BLT using all available points.

Last night, we decided we’d love to upgrade to a two bedroom, either (preferably) Lake or Standard.

DH suggested we just call DVC direct and see if we can pay cash to upgrade.

Would you-

  1. Call DVC and try to pay cash for the upgrade or
  2. Rent points and try to merge to existing points
  3. Some other brilliant point I’m completely overlooking

Any help from the Pros would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t believe you can upgrade on cash. You can purchase up to 25 one time use points that are available at the 7 month mark and you can use that to get you as far as it will take you. What you could try to do is shorten your DVC stay to what you can afford points-wise and then get a 2BR for the going cash rate at 7 months.

Or you could rent the other half of the split if you can find a renter with enough points.

In either case you can ask to have the reservations linked to minimize the chance you’ll have to move but that’s never a gurantee

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Did you look to see if there are two bedrooms available for your date?

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I was afraid they wouldn’t let me do cash. Bummer.

We did do the one time use points once to extend a stay, that’s intriguing.

DH doesn’t want to switch rooms, aside from a switch we’d be doing for 2 nights at UOR.

I’m adding another option for just paying cash for a studio somewhere on property just as a crash pad only.

As of right now it’s waitlist only.

Also super important :joy:

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I was hoping to waitlist. One of the agents I spoke to years ago said they have a ton of reservations drop closer to check in (now I know why), and that most of the people she puts on waitlist usually get confirmed.

I think none of this matters unless I either drop the length of the stay or drop the view.

I am sure people will always drop reservations but these days more people might offer those reservations as confirmed rentals?

December has been crazy lately with most rooms booked before the 7th month mark. I think that, combined with more people booking 2 bedrooms due to extra points, it will be challenging.


Yeah, I’m on the site know trying to get creative but I’m not having any luck. I think this thread might turn into “Most comfortable air mattress” instead.

Who are you traveling with?

I did just find a 1 bedroom villa, lake view for the entirety of my dates. I reserved that, with the hope of combining it to the existing one if possible.

For the low, low price of 15k.

Just DH and DS.

One of the three of us snores, horribly, also has trouble breathing in our sleep. That same person hates a sleep machine that the other two love.

I think this price tag addition will help incentivize said snorer to lose some weight.

Bonus though, the extra room can house all the work electronics that would have to travel with us so we can still get work done (and gaming for DS).

You can get a DVC Member discount at 11 months, even if it’s not your home resort.


Oh! I didn’t even think to ask if there was a discount. I’ll call member services next week and see if the total can be adjusted. Thanks!

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I thought you already had a lake view 1-bed?

OK, now to how to solve the problem if you stick with the 1-bed. Who is it who snores? The living room has the sleeper chair too, which my “boys” both like and they’re both over 6ft. So if it’s DH who snores you could always decamp to the sleeper chair in the living room. Similarly if it’s you, DH could decamp.


We do have the 1 bed with points, and I just reserved a second 1 bed with the hope of either combining or just having has a separate sleep/work space for DH.

If it turns out we can’t/won’t swing the added room, I’ll let DH have the bedroom and DS and I will camp out in the living room. My back can’t take the sofa bed, so I’m half serious when I mention getting a blow up mattress or similar. My neck kinks if my shoulder isn’t placed properly, then I have nausea and migraines for 24 hours after.

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You can’t combine two 1-beds.

A 2-bed is a 1-bed plus connecting studio. And booking those separately doesn’t mean you can combine them either, Member Services won’t do that.

So your best bet is to waitlist the 2-bed to replace both your current reservations. I would call and have MS note that on the waitlist because I’m not sure if you can do that online.


You can’t waitlist to combine a DVC and a cash reservation? I feel like this is a math problem that we are missing- ideas @Nickysyme.

I will say @Bubblez I think 10 sleeping surfaces for 3 people is a lot.


No you can’t do that. I didn’t pick up on the fact 1 was a cash booking.

If I was @Bubblez I would see if I could change the cash room to a studio and request they be at least near each other. Then one can be the sleep / work area and you have the 1-bed to socialise in.

Or …

I’ll try and explain this as best I can. Bear with me. And I’m “thinking aloud” as it were.

You want to achieve splitting the points stay into two. One for as long as you would have points for if it were a 2-bed, and one for the rest.

But this means gambling somewhat, as you’d need to see if the 1-bed was available for the shorter stay, modify the existing stay down and immediately book the remainder as a separate reservation using DH’s name as the lead guest.

Then you waitlist the 2-bed to replace the appropriate 1-bed stay but also dropping the other one so you actually have enough points.

And then adjust the cash booking to only be for the length you need it for to make up the 2 weeks.

And personally I would have the 2-bed at the end.

Does that make sense?

However it is risky and a real palaver to do. And you would need to change rooms too.


Provided you’re not a second class citizen like me

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I assumed there were more people going honestly :joy:

A 2BR is kind of overkill for my family of 4, honestly.