Need Help to Surprise DH with WDW Weekend

Hey all, I want to surprise DH with a four-day WDW trip. This is last minute. We are AP holders. And have a longer trip with family planned in February 2024. But he has been overworked the past 2 months at work and needs a trip! He knows I’m planning a weekend for him but other than the dates, he doesn’t know where. He thinks it is a short driving trip (we are in the Northeast). I unselected him from sharing plans and so I can make dining reservations. That has been ok! I have a backup hotel off property, but looking for disney hotels and make park reservations…so long winded my questions are:

Can I make disney hotel reservations from the disney website and list a “fake name” for guest 2? Or do you have any recommendations?

What should I do about Park reservations? I could wait to the day of since seems it hasn’t been a problem yet.

We land late November 30, first park day December 1. Last park day December 4, have to be at MCO by 4pm.

And yes, he occasionally checks his app cause he is so excited for February. We are staying at Pop for the first 2 nights and AKL-Kidani for the next 4 nights and he is stoked. So here we are. I searched but failed in finding the answer. Any other ideas are helpful too!!! Thank you!


Fun! When are you planning on telling him?

I would say book Disney hotel in just your name at first. And then maybe you’d have to call to get him added later, if you can’t modify that yourself online. If you both have AP then you don’t need him added on to the reservation for ticket purposes. I know it’s policy at Disney but no other hotel makes you list all people for a room only reservation and there isn’t a price difference for one person vs two. But eventually you will to have him added to be able to unlock the door without having you there, or to charge with magic band.

I’m sure liners who moonlight as TA’s will chime in with better advice but those were my initial thoughts.

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He’ll figure it out once we get to the airport. He’ll know once he sees we are flying to MCO. Latest point probably security? Or if I can swing it…at the gate. I’ll just record him when he sees the destination is Orlando. He’ll be so excited. He is always surprising me for our anniversary so I hope it can last until that day we leave.

That’s a great idea to just reserve the hotel for one person. Thank you so much!


When you make ADRs you only need to give a lead name and then select a number of guests. You don’t have to list everyone else by name.

I’m not sure how you can book the park reservations without his name on the booking or linking to his AP. You don’t want to risk losing out on the parks you want.


But - if they are “friends and family”, then he can see all of her plans. When my mom booked ADRs/lodging, I could see all of the information even though we weren’t staying in the same room.

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I was able to fix this by changing the settings for Friends and Family and for him specifically I changed “Choose Which Plans DH Can see” and you can pick “All my Plans” which is what I had in the past or “Only Plans we Share” which is what I changed it to. So he can see our family trip in February. But since I have only done ADRs for this surprise trip and only put my name for the two person reservations and left the other one as guest, he can’t see it. I tested this when he was taking a nap with my sister who is on the February trip and she could see it all when I chose “All my Plans” but not when I switched it to “Only Plans We Share.”

So yeah, ADRs seems to be solved.

Hotel…only reserve for 1 person and add him at check-in? Anyone know if that will work?
Stuck for Park Reservations or I just keep an eye on it and hold out as long as possible. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Yeah, this is the problem. But I have to guess that people surprise people all the time.

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Has he been to Universal?

Or Kennedy Space Center?

Can you misdirect at least until you get to Orlando.

Were you renting a car?

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I can try…but 15 years of marriage he knows there is no way we would go to Orlando and not go to WDW. We haven’t done Universal or Kennedy. But…he won’t fall for that. So might be better to fess up. Since this is last minute, still not even sure where we are staying. So could misdirect with that.

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