Need Help: please compare these rides

I need some help determining which rides may be too rough/jerky for myself and particularly DH for our Oct DL trip.

Last year (pretty much 1 yr ago) we did a big WDW trip and successfully rode BTMRR, RNR, EE and KS. We had been warned specifically about KS as it can be rough and jerky but DH and I had no issues with it. We did not do SM, Dino or 7DMT.

After watching videos and reading reports there are 4 rides in DL that I would love more input on and the 2 from WDW we didn’t do last year (we are going again in Jan 23). Since KS didn’t end up being an issue for us despite being completely as advertised rough and jerky I was hoping that some of you awesome people could compare 6 rides to it so I have a better picture on exactly how rough they are.

Compared to KS how rough???
DL rides:
Space Mountain
Matterhorn (right side is better??)

Dino (same ride system as Indy but better, same or worse)
Space Mountain

Separate issue with 7DMT. DH is not interested due to space/leg room (he’s 5’11") but I might give a try but want to know two things if possible. 1) does anyone know about how much space there is for your knees in the lap bar? I’ve heard of some people really getting their knees crushed. 2) Is it really a not to be missed ride?

As always, thanks so much you awesome people!!

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It’s been awhile since I have been to WDW but I do remember KS not being rough at all either and we do frequent DLR so here’s my comparison for the DL rides:

Indy- way rough, jerky & bumpy. If you can swivel your hips in your seat to the movement it helps, but it is for sure a jerky one.
Space Mtn- not at all jerky. It is similar to BTMRR but in the dark so no view of where you are going. And probably slightly more thrilling, but not at all jerky.
Incredicoaster- Super smooth coaster. If you didn’t have issues with BTMRR should be similar here.
Matterhorn- It has earned the nickname Batterhorn for a reason. The right side (closer to Fantasyland vs. the other side closer to Tomorrowland) is better, but still quite jerky. Until my kids had really good neck control if they wanted to ride it I reached over their seat to help steady their heads so they weren’t constantly banging them on the seat. And that made the ride really uncomfortable for me since I was leaning forward and being battered around. I have ridden more recently with those same kids that are now old enough not to need their head steadied and while it was nice not to be leaning forward, it was still bumpy and jerky. If you have neck or back issues it’s for sure one I would avoid.


Unfortunately, it’s not great. It’s fun, but my family all agree we hate waiting more than 40 minutes for it. It’s goes the same speed as BTMRR. It is incredible smooth though. However, I could never feel the ride vehicle “swaying” as is reported to supposed to be happening.

My biggest issue is how quick it is! (not fast!) The ride feels like it is over almost as soon as you get on! They cut the original ride size by more than 33%

Here’s a layout of the concept to creation of the track layout. The left is before all the budget cuts to remove additional show scenes. The middle is the result of those cuts. Then they cut it down some more to the final version we have now - on the right.


The first thing that comes roaring to mind is Matterhorn. Like it was hard to finish reading your post because I just couldn’t wait to come type Matterhorn as emphatically as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum is Incredicoaster - SO smooth, second only to Velocicoaster in that regard but really lovely and fun! There is one little jerk at the end as you are coming in to unload that seems kind of sadistic/unnecessary (you’ve already done most of the deceleration) but not a dealbreaker.

Which leads me to throw in an honorable mention for Goofy…my kids like to ride it repeatedly and DH and I are just in tears laughing/wincing about the jerkiness it is so over the top.

The other two rides you did mention are in the middle but to me, based on what you were ok with at WDW, should be fine.

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DH is 6’4 and did say his knees were wedged but at 5’11 I don’t think it will be a problem. I’ll see how DS does with it in 5 weeks, he’s pretty much 5’11 now.

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Dinosaur may be rough, but it is also very loud - children especially often do better with hearing protection. Its roughness didn’t bother me all that much, but I can handle a lot.

Space Mt is rough, and it’s all in the dark so not exactly a scenic ride. Just a very rough mad mouse ride in the dark. I’m in fairly good shape, but when I rode it just a few years ago (at age 60?) I decided that I really did not need to subject myself to that again. Unless, by some miracle, I go there with my adult sons and they want to ride it, then I would go with them. If you really want to try it to say that you’ve ridden it, then go ahead. But if your body might hate you, then don’t.


Thanks for the insight on each ride!

I think we will definitely give DL space mountain a go and the Incredicoaster.

With what you and @Subothai have said, I won’t let DH near Batterhorn and he’s not interested tbh since watching videos of younger people having issues. I’m sure I rode it as a kid but have no recollection of it but I remember it always being talked about in my family as iconic THE Matterhorn. It feels silly to be hung up on a ride like this for nostalgia but if any group of people would understand it’s liners :grin:. I will put it as a very maybe at the end of the trip - and only if we have ridden everything else we want.

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Thanks for the info! I wasn’t aware of the history/evolution of the ride. I just knew that it the cars were much snugger than most Disney rides. Sounds like despite being a ILL ride it’s not something either one of us really needs to do. If we happen by and the wait is obscenely short for some bizarre reason we could give it a try, otherwise we can continue to skip it.

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I hear you. When I see it, it cements that “I’m at Disneyland!” feeling. As a teen, I have NO memories of it being battering and enjoyed it immensely. When I returned as an adult and once my kids were tall enough, (I was in my late 20’s when that happened), it was definitely noticed (and I was terrified of my kids getting bumped around especially with their heads that were proportionately larger than their bodies at that age so a lot harder to control them from being banged around with that force).

I am lucky to be in relatively good health(mid-30’s) that it doesn’t (yet) cause me to hesitate riding it, but it for sure isn’t on my must do’s because it’s is jerky/bumpy enough that it’s annoying.

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Thanks for the insights! I remember riding Goofy’s before it was Goofy lol. And your description it exactly what I remember it! :grin: So I will be taking the rest of your information very much to heart!!

Thanks that would be great to know! I’m so excited for you to take your trip!

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Aw thank you!

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Very subjective here, and it’s hard to rate bumpiness rather than intensity, but here are my thoughts:

DL rides:
Indy - Worse than KS
Space Mountain - Smooth but it’s a roller coaster
Incedicoaster Smooth but obviously very intense
Matterhorn (right side is better??) - Way worse than KS, even right side

Dino (same ride system as Indy but better, same or worse) - Worse than KS
Space Mountain - Worse than DL, better than Matterhorn, worse than KS


Indy is probably similar to KS but goes faster in points
Space Mountain is smoother in DLR (and much smoother than WDW’s version)
Incredicoaster is actually incredibly (tee hee) smooth
Matterhorn is jerkier similar to WDW Space Mountain but even worse (probably because it’s older and outdoors)

Dino is literally the same ride system as Indy so the same jerky
Space Mountain is jerky and I’d say worse than KS at WDW

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Thanks for the insights. I think the DL space mountain we will do but you just validated my concerns with WDW SM. I also seem to remember it being difficult to get out of the cars at the end of the ride. I think DH would really struggle with that too, particularly after getting banged around. I’m pretty sure we rode it 26 years ago on our honeymoon which one reason we were fine skipping it last year.

I think we will see how Indy goes at DL to help decide if we should give Dino a try. I had heard that it is loud so we will bring earplugs if needed. :upside_down_face:


I agree with all your statements except… I don’t know that I’d say Indy is more jerky than KS but it being faster it does make you slide around more I think. Maybe that’s just my perception.


If you make that decision DO NOT ride Matterhorn because it’s the same single seats like Space Mountain at WDW and far jerkier.


I was just going to comment that you and @Jeff_AZ basically have the same rating! Commented at the same time! Lol. Definitely makes me feel better about the decisions when different experienced liners are so similar in their perceptions!! Thanks to bth of you!

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That’s good to know and helps me off the fomo ledge a bit. Thanks.
I need to keep in mind I want GOOD memories with my DH.


The motions on Indy are relatively smooth, but I feel like they are much wider (from side to side, up and down) than KS. It’s not as jarring as Matterhorn, but it’s not just acceleration and deceleration. I’m not sure if that would affect @mathhound and DH. Maybe it’s worth a try …

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