Need help/ideas! Upcoming Honeymoon and now a broken Fibula

Hi to everyone. As some of you may remember, last December I proposed to Andrea at Jiko on 12/17 and she said yes. She picked WDW as where we are going for our honeymoon, with going to AKL Club Level Savana View from 12/19 - 12/21, than going to CSR King Perfered from 12/21 - 12/31 (this includes deluxe dining and we will be doing another trip report) Here is the problem, On 11/16, it seems that I broke my leg Fibula of my right leg near my ankle. It is a closed fracture. I am currently in a Black Boot and using crutches. So, unexpected expense for a scooter from 12/19 til 12/31. Here is my issue, we have already spent a lot of money on our honeymoon, we also are the ones paying for our wedding which is on 12/16. We have hotels that we have to pay for prior to and after the wedding, also for hotel room for the night before we come to the Happiest Place on Earth and then when we return. We have many things planned but it looks like something has to go to help pay for the scooter. Here is what we have scheduled:
12/20 we are going to the Happily Ever After Desert Party which is party of a Honeymoon enhancement package with special Magic bands that Andrea will not give up.
21st, lunch at 50s Prime Time, Apps/desserts at Sci Fi, dinner at Jiko.
22nd - Lunch at Tiffins with a ROL package, Dinner at Yak & Yeti,
23rd - Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern, dinner at Nacossee
24th - Lunch at Mama Melrose, dinner at Monsieur Paul
25th - Lunch at Teppan Edo with CLP and Dinner at Yachtsman and we are doing a private Pontoon Boat Illumination Cruise.
26th, Off day with out of pocket to try Homecoming and Earl of Sandwich, dinner at Artist Point
27th - Keys to the Kingdom tour, apps/desserts at Tony’s Town Square (she wants to go there as one of her favorite songs and movies is Lady and the Tramp. Dinner at Citticos
28th - Breakfast at Garden Grill, Lunch at Via Napel, Dinner at Spirit of Aloha
29th - Breakfast at Tusker House, Lunch at Yak & Yeti (yes eating here 2xs), dinner at Jiko.
30th - Lunch at BOG (out of Pocket), Dinner at V&A (Chef’s Table)
31st - Breakfast at O’hana and Lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe
With this information, what would you give up, but remember we are on the Deluxe Dining Plan.
The Happily Ever After Dessert Party is one we can’t get rid of as it is part of a package deal we have.
What would you give up? any of the Out of Pocket meals/apps/desserts, Illumination Cruise (this is already paid for but I believe could get a refund) Keys to the Kingdom Tour (also already paid for and could get a refund), V&A chef’s Table (This is not paid for and is $500 plus tax and tip for us both…
Oh another question, do you think I could still ride FOP with the boot on?
I want to thank all in advance for your suggestions and ideas.

Search “Knee scooter” or “Knee walker”. $150 and its more maneuverable and faster than an EVC

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Sigh. What a shame. I guess since V&A hasn’t been paid for yet, I’d cancel that. You have to have a reason to come back. Or cancel the Keys to the Kingdom for a later trip, as you might not get the same value of it, being in a scooter/boot. It’s less of a savings though.

Still, you’re marrying the love of your life. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and a wonderful life together.

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Thank you, I will look into it, just now sure how well that will work for me, I am 56

I know that no matter what get cancelled, we will still have a wonderful amazing time.

I’d drop V&A. That’s a big chunk of change, and by that point in the trip, I think I’d be tired of eating so many sit down meals anyway.

As far as riding FoP with the boot, I’m not sure. I know people with very large calves have reported issues, and I’m guessing the boot might add enough to cause an issue with the leg restraint. By that point in your recovery, maybe the boot could be removed just for the duration of the ride, not sure how easy/quick it is do put on/take off either.

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The boot only takes 30 or so seconds to take off if I’m in a hurry.

Try orlando scooter rental it will cost you 271.58 if you use coupon code fb10-17. That is from 12/19 - 12/31 their scooters run 15+ hours on a single charge. That is over a $350.00 cheaper then renting from Disney and you have the scooter 24/7.


You know I love my Disney and AKL was my favorite resort buI am going to throw out- any chance of changing your AKL from CL to standard view? I know most likely it would be impossible to do but as someone that has done both I felt compelled to ask.

If not- I would see if I could change the chef’s table to another room and I would be concerned about a tour with a mobility issue .

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I would not even attempt the knee scooter. Fine for an hour or so, but 12 days at WDW? No chance.

I’d drop Keys to the Kingdom.

Both the resort reservations can’t be changed without losing either the discount or the free dining, the discount on the AKL room was 25%, and the free dining amounts to a little under $100 a day, which was better then the discount for the room.

I will check into the Orlando Scooter rental.

I would not touch the free dining but usually if you have a discount they will let you apply that same discount to a change. I just assume with your dates there would not be any rooms. I do not think I would have even suggested it a couple of years ago but I am still having a hard time putting aside my horrible experience at that CL- so just ignore me :grinning:

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If it was me I would look at dropping the out of pocket meals and shuffling a few of the other meals around. Eg. Drop Mama Melrose or one of the Yak & Yeti and apply the credit to Homecomin’ or Artist Point. You could use snacks or an OOP QS to make up for the dropped meal(s). I would consider cancelling Keys to the Kingdom and/or Illuminations cruise. If you drop those can you still swing V&A? Or you could drop V&A and save it for an anniversary trip.

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It seems? You mean you are not sure?

Sorry, no suggestions about what to do here, but I just could not resist the obvious Dad joke… :wink:


You appear to be “foodies” like my DW and I, and the Chef’s table was the best dining experience that I’ve ever had. For the two of us, with one wine pairing and 2 add-ons, with tax and tip, the bill came in at over $900. Not saying don’t do it, but if you’re budgeting $500 for both of you, I think you are a couple hundred low (even without the add-ons). I’ve also eaten in the “regular” dining room, and the food and service are impeccable and the cost was a third of the chef’s table…

The Illuminations cruise would be very “romantic”, but for the cost savings, it’s possible to find very good viewing options from the shore. Personally, I would skip the KttK tour - but I’m not really into those kinds of things. I did the WAT and it was awesome, but that’s a whole different kind of experience.

Although I recently spent most of 4 months in one of those boots, I haven’t been on FOP yet, so I can’t comment on that.

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That’s ok, I don’t mind. Just to help so people understand, it seems that due to something hitting my shins hard, it cause the break in my fibula but wasn’t a clear break. I was told it was a closed break.

We aren’t foodies, just we love good food. The $500 for us both is based on the cost of $250 per person plus tip and tax. We weren’t doing the wine pairing and didn’t think we would be doing other add-ons. I am aware that the cost can add up if you start to add things with this.

What is the WAT? never hear of it.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I will look into this., Have to speak with my TA.

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WAT is the Wild Africa Trek at AK. It’s a 4 hour combined hiking/truck tour through the animal enclosures. Pricey, but worth every penny if you’re an animal lover.

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