Need help deciding restaurant for Candlelight Processional

I along with lots of other people got up early this morning to make Candlelight Dining package reservation.

My son is singing in the 6:45 and the 8:15 show. I prefer going to the last show as that would be the last thing we do on our week long stay

Here is the dilemma. I got a 4:00 reservation with a 6:45 show at Napoli. Been told still need to be in line by 6 even with the dinning package. I also booked a 1:00 at Coral reef with the 8:15 show. would need to be in line at 7:30

We have never eaten at either restaurant.

I hear everyone talking about Napoli. And we do have reservations there on a day earlier in our trip. So we will have eaten there already in the week.

So here is my question: Is Coral Reef good enough in order to get the 8:15 show time I prefer or will I regret spending the money. I hear mixed reviews. I could not get the last show with Napoli as all the late times were already taken when I got on at 6:30 this morning :slight_smile: I even called and the CM said no more 8:15 with Napoli regardless of meal time.

My son is singing in both of these shows so I would see him regardless. I just prefer to have more time between eating and the show as not to feel so rushed. But also don’t want to waste money on a bad meal.

Restaurants are so subjective that it’s hard to say. Our family loves Coral Reef, which we go to every trip. However, we will never go back to Napoli.

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@SirGreggLadyV and I are of one mind on this.

I wouldn’t send my worst enemy (@ryan1) to Via Napoli. Worst WDW dining experience in three trips.

I did Coral Reef CP package last year. It’s an interesting restaurant to dine in and I thought the food was great.


You know how much I hate to derail a thread…but the language you are using there is confusing. I mean, if one is one’s WORST enemy, does that make them a friend?

“As enemies go, he’s really bad at it. He keeps chatting with me and stuff!”

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We enjoy Via Napoli, but more from a “we can buy 1 large pizza and feed 3 of us for less than $50” kind of meal. I can’t imagine eating anything other than pizza there (there are other Italian restaurants including Tutto Italia which would be better for a 3 course meal, in my opinion).
Coral Reef on the other hand, seems to be worth the upcharge for the Candlelight Processional. I had not eaten there since I was a child, and we did the CP package there last December. It was excellent. We had wonderful service and a fabulous table right next to the tank. We ate around 5 for the 8:15 show if I remember correctly. I was there with friends, and all 3 of us enjoyed it very much. I would go with Coral Reef and go to your preferred 8:15 show. I will see if I can post some pictures from my phone.


that’s a solid point! Maybe you’re his best enemy?

I think what he means to say is that you’re his archenemy. You know those English aren’t good with words.

I have only had the pizza and house salad there. Both were good. I have never eaten at coral reef, but I want to say they serve shrimp and grits that a lot of liners seem to like.

Edit: just checked, shrimp and grits is on the menu at coral reef

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I love the carciofi personally. It is very different pizza than I eat at home!

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I had the seared mahi mahi, but the shrimp and grits looks great as well.

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Thanks everyone. Coral Reef it is! I’ve always wanted to eat there ever since I was a little girl. So now I will. :slight_smile:


Was about to add our vote for Coral Reef and then saw this. Enjoy! We have loved both our meals there. Delicious food in an interesting and relaxing setting.