Need Help Choosing EP Restaurants!

I have a serious problem: there are too many places I want to eat in Epcot WS.

Out of the following, which 3 would you choose?

  • Spice Road Table
  • Tutto Gusto
  • Le Cellier lunch
  • R&C lunch
  • San Angel lunch
  • Biergarten lunch

We always go during f&w so I've hardly eaten inside any of the restaurants. This year, I'm going to do my eating inside and drinking & desserts at the booths. We will also be staying near EP so I'm hoping we can stop into WS for quick lunch before heading to resort for afternoon breaks. Sound good?

Will be me and two older kids. Obviously the first three are ones I want to try; the last three are ones I think the mini-me's would enjoy (DS is an anglophile thanks to Dr Who).

I personally would skip Tutto Gusto. While I heart Italian food, I can get that pretty much anywhere. I would go to Spice Road, Biergarten and either Le Cellier or R&C

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Love the food at LeCellier, the beer at R&C, and the atmosphere at San Angel Inn (food is pretty good there too). While Biergarten was fun, I didn't like the buffet. Haven't Spice Road yet. Only had an Italian Margarita and apps at Tutto Gusto.


Thanks! Yes would just do apps & drinks at SRT & TG....might be good lunches on the days we have a big dinner ADR?

DS says R&C and San Angel. Maybe save Le Cel for another time (like if we ever do the DDP)?

That sounds like so good plan. That way you get to try 4!

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Tutto, Le Cellier, and Biergarten.

Of those three, Tutto Gusto is the one that I'm not sure if it would appeal to kids (unless they're over 21 and would enjoy a drink there). It's dark and doesn't look like a typical family restaurant, however, once you're seated even non-adventurous eaters will find familiar favorites and the food is very good. If you choose not to go there, then Rose & Crown is probably a safe choice.

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Hearing some thumbs-down on TG w the kids. I was just hoping to try some small plates, a glass of wine & go....could we squeeze that in between Agent P missions w/o the crew declaring mutiny, I wonder?

I've brushed off Le Cel in the past as "just a steakhouse", but I browsed the menu and it actually looks interesting. However IDK if I want to pay that much for lunch with so many other options around.

San Angel I've dismissed similarly, but the kids want to eat in the pyramid. Menu actually doesn't look too bad: not as Tex-Mex as I thought it'd be.

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I will vouch for BG and R&C. Avoid San Angel at all cost. Your local Mexican restaraunt is better.

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I would do Tutto Gusto, Le Cellier lunch, and San Angel lunch. We really liked the wine flights and food we had at TG. It was a nice atmosphere and a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the park. I haven't been to LeCel yet, but am going next month and have heard nothing but great things about the food. SAI is one of my all time favorites because of the ambiance, and I think the food there gets a worse rep than it deserves.

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@PianoMinnie I didn't even see yours before I posted! I do agree that if your family isnt adventurous that TG may be a bad choice. LeCel is $$$... thats always made me avoid it but we are biting the bullet.

Better still, if there is another adult with you... send them and the kids off to do Agent P while you enjoy a wine flight at TG and have a relax!

Biergarten, definately; one of my favorites in all of WDW. Le Cell would also be a very good, if expensive, choice. Of the others on the list, R&C would be my first choice. Unless you are a very light eater, I've heard the "tapas" style of small plates at SRT can add up to quite a bill to make a full "meal". San Angel is arguably one of the most atmospheric TSs in WDW, but the food is no better than your "average" Mexican restaurant (the food at La Hacienda is much better). If you are thinking Italian, Via Napoli, for the pizza, is the best in WDW.

My family loves R&C. The kids usually get the fish or steak and I love to try new things there. The drinks are great too. We plan to try Le Cellier next trip since we are getting the DDP for the first time.

What do others young kids eat at rose and crown?