Need Help AK - Tour or Not Tour?

Were headed to AK today, already running late. DW asked last night to not rope drop, I grudgingly agreed.
Everyone is still sleeping, at some point I will have to turn into the drill sergeant and start banging metal trash cans ;).

We have never done the elephant or rhino tours. The prices are very reasonable.
All the vlogs on them appear like they are very far away from the actual animals, but none of the vlogs are continues the whole way through. At the end of the vlog they all say how great it was. We have Bush Gardens in here in Tampa and in the vlogs it looks like you get closer just normally to the animals at BG compared to the tours at AK.

Has anyone done these tours, and are they worth it?

I don’t think they are running them now.

If they are, they are definitely worth it. You reportedly get closer to the rhinos than the elephants. I did the elephant one and would do it again in a heartbeat

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Yeah. None of the tours, other than the super expensive VIP tour is going on right. But if you have like $10000 to blow, have at it! :wink:

Yes you do get closer to the Rhinos. You go right up to one of their enclosures backstage. Elephants you get a better view than you do on the safari cause you a elevated but you are still a distance away. You do however get nametags made from elephant poop.

I thaught you were joking about the elephant poop name tags, but you werent.

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