Need FPP help right away

my booking date for FPP is 4/8. It’s 12:03 right now and MDE isn’t opening up my June dates. Any ideas?? Thanks!

MK is open until 1:00 so you have another hour to wait…

Is MK open until 1am tonight? If so FPP won’t open until 1am. That’s how it has been last week or so.

When I googled MK’s hours, it says that the park closed at 11:00 today. Is that incorrect?

Thank you so much! I better drink a bit of caffeine : )

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The app says 1:00 so caffeine is needed! It’s always after the last park closes, not including EMH.

Got it now! I found the correct hours on Disney’s site. Never trust the first fact that pops up on Google, even when it’s in a big font : ) Well, it’s all part of the excitement!

Thank you both for your quick help b/c I was a bit panicked.


Thanks to all the help I’ve received on this forum, I successfully booked FPP last night (w/o caffeine!). We got every FPP we wanted. Our time slot for Anna & Elsa is later than I’d hoped but it’s nothing to quibble about. Everything else fit perfectly into our plans. Such relief! Now to try to get a bit of sleep :grinning:

Thank you!