Need for Frozen FPP at HS?

Hi all

I’m working through my TP for HS on Dec 3, which has a forecast CL of 6. No matter what time I can modify my Frozen FP to, the plan keeps saying it isn’t worth it and over rides.
In others experience, am I better off ditching this FPP for one other or just keeping it and using it if required? I’ve got FPP for TSMM and Star Wars, not sure what else to get one for if I forgo Frozen.
This is our first visit so am slowly working through all the finer detail now I’ve secured my FPP’s.

Thanks in advance

Are you doing Tower of Terror?

Probably not - kids not old enough, DH already terrified (lol) and I’m not so sure …

Have you ticked the box that forces the TP to use your fastpasses? It’s under advanced options somewhere.

If it’s a real must-do I would use one too. I did that on Dec 30th for Indy, and I was glad I did. For every show there was a longer and longer line of people who couldn’t get in and being told to come back earlier for the next one.

I maybe wouldn’t if we came in February, but on the whole I use FPs for the things that the family put top of their list, regardless of how “silly” it might be. That way we know exactly when we’ll be doing it. Saves a lot of stress all round :grinning:

I’d be surprised if you needed a FP for Frozen. I strolled up 10 minutes before the start on a CL8 day and got brilliant seats.

Thanks all. I thought I’d ticked the box but maybe not!
I figure I’ll keep it as there is nothing else we are desperate to see, if we go twice as it works out to do it with and without FPP the DD5’s vacation will be made :slight_smile:

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