Need feedback on Hilton Orlando at Downtown Disney

Tagging along on DH business trip and he needs to stay at a Hilton… I have read very mixed reviews on the Hilton at Downtown Disney (including noise, cleanliness, etc.)… but am intrigued by having EMH and being able to walk to shopping while he’s working. Have any input? (because I only trust my Liner opinions! :slight_smile: On a side note, I’ve heard Bonnet Creek is wonderful but it is not an option in his approved selection of hotels!

I’ve stayed there twice. Both times the rooms were ok, and noise wasn’t a problem. EMH is a great perk, but the shuttle from that Hilton is kinda crummy. It’s a small vehicle and in the morning a lot of people are trying to get on. It might be faster to walk over to DD and take a bus from there if you don’t have a car.

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We’ve stayed there. I thought it was nice and clean. It will seem bland compared to the theming of the Disney hotels. It has two pools and two hot tubs (one is hot and one is REALLY hot!). Super easy to walk to DTD.
We had a car, so we did not use the shuttle. However, parking was expensive there ($30-40 per night!).

If it was a tag along and the Hilton was covered, I would totally do it!!