Need fast pass advice for Nov 9-12

We are not staying at a Disney resort so I can only book fast pass at 30 days out. What are the odds of having the fast passes we want be available? 7 Dwarf ride and meet Cinderella? I have a 12 year old son and 4 year old daughter. What would you recommend for each? We are going to MK, HS, and EP. Very last min trip and just now starting to plan.

Cinderella probably good FPP availability. ETwB another great one for a 4 year old daughter. 7DMT not so much availability, but keep checking back and you may get lucky. If not, plug it all into a personalized touring plan and optimize… you should be able to find a time to ride 7DMT with a 45 minute wait or less, and the queue is pretty interesting.

I stayed off-site and got 7dmt about a week before we left, just kept checking back and someone happened to cancel theirs. The only thing is you just have to make do with whatever time you get, there will be no choices, but there’s still a chance! Cindy shouldn’t be a problem. The only fpp we had trouble getting was TSMM, and I managed to get one the night before, so always keep checking!

Any advice for Hollywood Studios? We are not doing Tower of Terror, but we would like to do Rockin Roller Coaster and Toy Story. What other ones would be good choices for that park?

Beauty and the Beast is Awesome! Rockin Roller Coaster is a serious coaster - just sayin. Tower of Terror is actually much less scary - and I see a lot more little kids on it than R&RC. Your son will love the Raiders of the Lost Ark show - it is a lot of fun, too, especially the first time. Check out the Muppet show, I forget what it is called - on the Streets of America. Have a blast!