Need AK advice


Good morning! Looking for thoughts and suggestions for my AK morning. We are a group of 4- me, my special needs DS19, & my 2 brothers, (one in remission from brain cancer using a cane- won’t use scooter/wheelchair).
We plan to be there for RD. My son will have a DAS. We have never seen Pandora. We have a FP for FOP at 9:20. My DS mostly cares about characters, not rides, but DBs really want to ride Pandora rides. We need to limit walking for my DB.
Which option do you think is better?

Option A: Enter at RD, go straight to Navi with the RD crowd & ride. Then go to FOP with FP, then head to see characters- Mickey & Minnie (use DAS), Pocohantas, & Russell (all start meeting at 9). We have a Safari FP at 10:20, thinking of Lion King show at 12 or meeting King Louie, followed by Tusker House lunch at 12:40.

Option B: Go see characters (Mickey/Minnie, Pocohantas, & Russell) at RD first to avoid the crowd & have shorter wait for characters. Then use DAS to get a return time for Navi to use after FOP FP. My concern is how fast the wait/return time for Navi will be at that point. I don’t want to have to leave the Pandora area & come back later to use the DAS return time. I thought about being a “runner” & trying to get a return time for Navi at RD, but my DS gets very anxious if I leave him & my DBs have never been to AK so I think it is best if we stay together.
What do you think?


I would go with option A. Na’vi will develop an hour+ line fairly fast - doing RD for NRJ and then hitting FoP with your FP+ will get you “in and out” of Pandora and on to the rest of DAK fairly quickly, while option B would probably have you “stuck” in Pandora for a while waiting for your NRJ return time.


agree, plan A


Plan A sounds like a great one. If your DS gets anxiety when you’re not with him, than any other option seems not worth it. It’s about the whole experience, and it sounds like his will be at it’s best with you by his side. I hope he gets to meet loads of all his favorite characters! I am also a bit of a character hunter! :slight_smile:


Another vote for A. You have more control over your day without requiring the DAS for Navi


Can you move your safari FP til later? If so, I’d be tempted by plan B (though clearly I’m the only one who likes that plan). In my experience, Pocohantas gets a long line, so I like the 9am option for that. But only if you postpone safari because otherwise the timing gets too tight.


how long does her line usually last? in my plan I have us trying to meet Pocahontas, Russell, Timon, and others between 12:30-3:00


I’m not sure. We tried during that time but the line looked so long that we didn’t bother. We came back towards the end of the day and waited 20 min.


I like plan A as well. And I would say definitely do the Lion King show! It’s a nice break from walking and such a fun show!


Pocahontas gets real long. We waited at LEAST 30 minutes the day my DD just had to meet her.


Not gonna lie, I intend on meeting ALL the Princesses this trip!!! :smile: (sadly no Moana, I know :frowning: )


Thank you! I appreciate you saying that about the experience. Sometimes I feel I get very rushed around trying to line up the next thing for everyone to minimize waits & make it a smooth trip & I don’t get to enjoy the moments. Thanks for reminding me!


What time of day did you meet Pocahontas? Trying to figure out if it’s a better call to meet her right at 9:00 or deal with a line later on. Line for Pocahontas, line for Safari/Everest. Which is gonna be worse?


It was later afternoon Maybe 3ish?