Need advice re last minute short trip planning

Booked a trip w/in 60 days, staying onsite, but no FoP FPs were available. Arriving very late night on a Wednesday night mid-October. Thursday morning plan to sleep in, hit the pool, then MNSSHP Thursday night.

Allow for sleeping in Friday morning, then Epcot where we have FEA FPs (have never been able to ride it before). Will enjoy some food and wine festival at EP.

We have hoppers, so currently have booked the AK ultimate nights VIP tour Friday evening. This is what I’m debating cancelling.

Currently planning to RD HS Saturday morning to hit SDD, we have FPs for TSM, it was the only one of the TSL FPs available. Planned to boat over to EP for late lunch Saturday and maybe more eating at F&W. Currently have a BOG dinner reserved for Saturday night, but also debating cancelling that to keep eating at EP or just go back to resort/pool. Flight out is at 2 pm Sunday.

However, there’s amEMH at AK on Saturday morning, 8am. HS park opening Saturday is 9am. In theory, we could RD the AK amEMH to ride FoP, and then head over to HS? We wouldn’t be there to RD SDD, but maybe the line wouldn’t be too bad if we’re at HS by, say, 9:30?

We like AK and have had APs in the past, so we’ve seen/ridden most things. We’ve done one ride each on FoP and NRJ on a past trip. Would just really like to hit FoP this trip. Not averse to RD or getting in line toward the end of the night.

I’ve read mixed reviews of the AK VIP tour, and it’s steep to pay for what is basically FPs and a small meal, but given the time constraints of the trip I can see some value in it, but…

Should we just RD the amEMH at AK for FoP? Also, it’s less likely to be raining in the morning, but a pretty good chance it will be raining in the evening, so RDing FoP might be more pleasant than a soggy night time AK tour.

I think if FoP is theonly priority at AK, I don’t think I would pay for the AK ultimate night tour. You could see Pandora at night and get in line for FoP just before park closing.

I booked and cancelled the Ultimate Nights tour. I cancelled when I found an FPP for FOP. I realised I could do all the rest of it myself. But FOP was the thing I really wanted and I don’t rope drop.

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Is that a tour where you get Disney Signature Services? There are tours that get you into that. If so… u can get 3 add FP per day for $50 pp, minimum 3 days. Just throwing that out there.

@drvillarejos you’re bumping up a really old thread. orginal posting was sept 2018.

:joy::joy:, forgot to check dates, it popped up as “recommended”.

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